Signs Your Carpet Needs Professional Cleaning in Lake Balboa, CA; Look Faded, Have Odors & More

When it comes to the care of your carpets, you are diligent in ensuring they are routinely vacuumed, immediately treated if a spot manifests, and you do everything you can to keep it gorgeous. But in busy day to day living, and without any obvious tells, many neglect professional carpet cleaning. Industry experts agree that…

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How to Clean Upholstered Fabric, Microfiber & Leather Sofas, Couches & Furniture in Tarzana, CA

Has your couch or sofa somehow been transformed into the family dining table? When this unknown phenomenon occurs, your living room furniture is left with stains and bad odors. Cleaning these stains quickly becomes essential, especially when bad odors accompany it. Green Co Carpet Cleaning will share how to clean stains and remove bad odors…

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How to Properly Clean a Mattress Between Professional Cleaning in Valley Village, CA

Cleaning our mattresses is very important. In fact, it is recommended you have your mattresses professionally cleaned once a year. And about every three months, the owner should do a maintenance cleaning to maintain healthier living. However, not everyone knows the best way to clean a mattress themselves. Since humans spend about one third of…

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