How to Clean & Remove Old, Dry Acrylic Paint from Carpet & Couches in Bel Air, CA

We have all been there when we started a project with paint and all of a sudden the brush is knocked out of our hand and hits the carpet. The paint can get on your carpet in many different ways that include dripping off the project or lack of supervision from a child painting. When dealing with paint on your carpet it is extremely important to work on the stain as soon as possible. When the paint is wet the process of cleaning will be much simpler and the odds that the stain will come out are better as well. There are some common ways to clean stains off your carpet that will work but when cleaning paint off your carpet you need to use methods that are particular to that. The paint can be easily spread out and if left untreated dried on paint is even harder to remove.

Green Co Carpet Cleaning Lists Ways to Remove Acrylic Paint From Your Carpet

Use Soap, Water & Vinegar to Clean the Paint: The paint that has dripped or splashed on the carpet will need to be cleaned as soon as possible. You want to start to remove the excess paint from the carpet before you start to use any cleaner at all. You can then start collecting the products that you will need to clean the spot which will include clean cloths, soap, water and vinegar and a spray bottle. Mix warm water in the spray bottle and mix in about a teaspoon with it. You can use a cloth that is soaked with the cleaner and apply it to the area or you can spray directly on the spot that needs to be cleaned. Then use a dry cloth to dab and press down on the spot to remove the cleaner and the paint at the same time. You can then mix water with a very small part of vinegar to a bowl. Apply the vinegar mix to the space and allow to sit on the spot for about two minutes. Then use a second dry rag to dab at the spot.
Use Paper Towels & Glycerin: If you want to try an alternate method to clean the paint off your carpet you can use a method that will include glycerin and paper towels. You will still need to get to the area and start to clean it as quickly as possible. You need to start with the same removal of excess paint as you did with the first method. Then you need to apply glycerin to a clean paper towel and use it to dab the area that has been affected by the paint. Allow it to sit on the spot for up to an hour! Then come back and with the soap and water mixture to clean the remaining stain off the carpet.

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