How to Clean Upholstered Fabric, Microfiber & Leather Sofas, Couches & Furniture in Tarzana, CA

Has your couch or sofa somehow been transformed into the family dining table? When this unknown phenomenon occurs, your living room furniture is left with stains and bad odors. Cleaning these stains quickly becomes essential, especially when bad odors accompany it. Green Co Carpet Cleaning will share how to clean stains and remove bad odors out of your upholstery.

Cleaning a Microfiber Couch

Microfiber upholstery that uses synthetic polyester-based fabric to imitate suede or even thin leather furniture requires its own methods of cleaning much like any other material. It cannot be cleaned with simple soap and water like other materials. Microfiber upholstery reacts badly to water based cleaners. Often you will see a white ring around the areas you have cleaned. When cleaning microfiber, put rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle and spray the alcohol onto the stain. Afterward, use a white cloth to blot at the stain. The alcohol should begin to lift the stain out of the fabric as you blot at the stain. You can use a soft bristled brush to lightly scrub at the cleaned area to regain the micro fiber’s fluff.

How to Clean Leather Furniture

Since leather is a porous and organic material you will need to be careful how you clean leather. Harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia based cleaners should never be used on leather. Before cleaning leather and any upholstery for that matter, you will first want to vacuum up all of the dirt or crumbs. After sucking up all of the dirt and crumbs, clean the leather with a water vinegar mixture or you can mix water with a few drips of dish soap. Both work well on cleaning leather. After you have finished cleaning the leather, follow up with a plain wet damp cloth then follow up again with a dry cloth right behind the rinsing cloth. You don’t want to leave water or moisture on the leather. Leather will soak in water which can damage it. After cleaning the leather, wipe the leather down with a moisturizing solvent.

How to Clean Fabric Upholstery

Fabric sofas greatly benefit from steam cleaning machines. Steam cleaners work great to loosen the dirt and other particles that get trapped inside the fabric’s fibers. However, not everyone has a steamer to clean the fabric upholstery. Therefore, another solution is to mix distilled water that is warm with dish soap. With a cloth, dip it into the mixture and blot at the stains on the upholstery. You can also use warm water combined with dish soap and vinegar to help break up tougher stains. Avoid using tap water when cleaning any stain. Tap water has mineral deposits that leave white ringed stains on carpet, rugs and upholstery. Always use distilled water when cleaning any stain.

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When stains first occur, it is best to clean the stain right away. After you have gotten your sofas and couches clean, explain to your family how the living furniture isn’t the dining room to prevent further stains. If you find stains keep reoccurring and you need help restoring your furniture, contact Green Co Carpet Cleaning. We can deep clean your carpets, rugs, furniture and more. Get in touch with Green Co Carpet Cleaning today!

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