How to Clean & Remove Old Coffee Stains from Carpet & Upholstery in Encino, CA

Coffee is one of the most common drinks in many households. Considered a staple, this popular drink is often how many people start the day. With the temperatures dropping and pumpkin spices tingling the taste buds, coffee will probably be more reached for more frequently. The more coffee that gets moved around the house, the greater the chances of it landing on your carpet. Once the carpet is soiled with coffee, especially if milk was added to it, the longer it sits, the more difficult the stain will be to be removed and the more pungent it will be come. If coffee makes contact with your carpet, immediately set to work on removing it. With that in mind, we at Green Co Carpet Cleaning would like to take the opportunity to list some tips and advice on removing the coffee stain.

Coffee Stain Remover from Carpet

1) Blot the moisture from the carpet as quickly as possible. Using a clean, dry cloths, or several paper towels depending on the quantity, blot the coffee up until the area is damp. Removing the excess liquid is essential for stain removal. Be sure to immediately start sopping up the tasty beverage as soon as possible to minimize penetrating below the carpeting. As you treat the stain, work on the outer edges and towards the center to contain the spill and avoid spreading it out further. If the coffee managed to dry, add an ounce or so to the stain, and treat the stain as if it were fresh.
2) Mix your carpet cleaning solution and apply it. Mix together 2 cups warm water (never hot), 1 tsp of liquid dish soap, and 1 tsp of white vinegar in your preferred container or squirt bottle. Utilizing a fresh clean cloth, sponge the solution onto the stain lightly, do not over saturate. With a 2nd dry cloth in between applications, blot dry to ensure it doesn’t get over saturated. Repeat the steps until stain is removed.
3) Do not scrub or rub the carpet stain. As you treat the stain, frustration, irritibility, or even anger might be driving the emotional train but do not let it steer your hands. Scrubbing and rubbing to treat any stain, including coffee, will only spread and coffee pushed deeper into the fibers, making it more challenging to remove. Always blot the stain when treating. If you should want to work your cleaning solution deeper into the fibers, do so with your fingers and light pressure.
4) If the carpet stain is stubborn. Coffee stains can be hard to remove, if you find it has only lightened with your attempts, you can trying making a paste from baking soda and water. Add water at small doses at a time to create a toothpaste consistency. Blanket the stain with your mixture and allow it to dry. Once it is completely dried, vacuum the area and both crusted paste and stain should be gone. If it is still there, contact a professional.

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