Mattress Cleaning

Green Co Carpet Cleaning of Los Angeles, California supplies a number of cleaning services to commercial business owners and residential homeowners locally and in surrounding areas. We are fully licensed and insured to provide our professional expertise and services at affordable pricing in the community. Our commitment to bringing our customers with a phenomenal experience consistently is done by delivering superior workmanship, friendly customer service, high moral standards, and exceptional work ethics. At Green Co Carpet Cleaning our technicians are more than qualified to perform the services we offer by having advanced training, experience in the field, and remarkable skills. With premium quality products and equipment exclusive to licensed professionals, our experts can ensure maximum results.

Deep Clean Mattress Dust, Dander, Urine & Sweat Stain & Odor Removal

Green Co Carpet Cleaning includes mattress cleaning services for our commercial and residential customers in Los Angeles, California and surrounding areas. Considering that the average person will spend one third of their life in bed, there are a lot of particulates and contaminants that can accumulate in the mattress. Between dust, dust mites, dirt, hair, animal dander, pet fur/hair, sweat, urine and other body fluids, and so much more that are building up, your mattress is housing a plethora of contaminates. Stains and odors tarnish the mattress as well, and before you know it, the mattress quickly deteriorates. Washing the sheets every week or two doesn’t cleanup the mattress. Getting a professional mattress cleaning every 6-12 months can extend the life of your mattress; improve indoor air, cleanliness, sleep and help you breathe easier.

Mattress Cleaning in Sherman Oaks, Valley Village, Woodland Hills & Greater Los Angeles, California

If your mattress is due for cleaning contact Green Co Carpet Cleaning of Los Angeles, California and let our experts get your mattress clean, sanitized, and deodorized.

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