How to Get Bad Smells Like Mildew, Feet & Pet Odors Out of Your Carpet in Reseda, CA

Nothing is worse than walking in your house and realizing that something just smells “off”. The smells that are in the air in your home are coming from somewhere. It can be from your trash bin that wasn’t taken out, food you have cooked that has left a smell in the house or from your carpets. The carpets in your home are like a sponge that will not only soak up the spills but the odors that come along with them as well. The odors that are in your carpet can be on the top layer or all the way down to the padding. Knowing what steps to take to treat for carpet odor can help you get your home smelling fresh like you want it to.

Green Co Carpet Cleaning Offers the Steps to Treat Odors in Your Carpets

How to Prevent Carpet Odors: Some of the most common ways that odor ends up on the carpet is from spills. This can be from coffee, soda, juice and the worst is pet stains. These spills will end up leaving not only a stain but also odors often times even after the spill is cleaned up. The best way to save your carpets from having odors is to stop spills from happening. You can put a ban on people bringing their drinks on the carpeted areas. You also should ensure that your pets have easy access to the outside so they can use the restroom when they need to. Other major causes of odor is when your carpets are wet either from a storm or from a plumbing leak. These can lead to odors because of mold and mildew which are also dangerous to your health. You can prevent these plumbing leaks by having plumbing inspected and repaired on a regular basis.
Identify the Sometimes Mysterious Carpet Spills & Stains: Of course doing all you can to prevent spills there will always be some that get by. You might be potty training a pet or someone spills a drink during a function. Once you notice there is an odor and you have eliminated the trash or other areas of the house you need to identify the problem. You may need to stop and take time to go over any of the last few spills or accidents that your pet has had. Any of these areas can be the culprit. Once you find out where the problem is and what caused it you can start to have the carpet treated.
Remove Carpet Odors: The carpet odor can be treated if it is done correctly. The steps that need to be taken will depend on the reason for the odor. Some of them need to be neutralized while others can be lifted with standard carpet cleaning methods. It is best to leave the work to a professional carpet cleaning company. When you call be sure to alert us that you have odors that you want to have treated as well.

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