Signs Your Carpet Needs Professional Cleaning in Lake Balboa, CA; Look Faded, Have Odors & More

When it comes to the care of your carpets, you are diligent in ensuring they are routinely vacuumed, immediately treated if a spot manifests, and you do everything you can to keep it gorgeous. But in busy day to day living, and without any obvious tells, many neglect professional carpet cleaning. Industry experts agree that commercial carpeting should be professionally cleaned two times a year or more and residential carpets receive one or more professional cleaning services a year or more. Even when carpet doesn’t carry any eye-sore stains, they still need that deep cleaning to extract the soil from beneath the surface. With that in mind, we at Green Co Carpet Cleaning would like to share some signs that your carpet is due for a professional cleaning, besides the obvious.

Professional Carpet Cleaning VS DIY Vacuuming

Professional carpet cleaning gets carpets completely sanitized and deodorized along with stain removal. By ensuring you include scheduled professional carpet cleaning with your carpet maintenance, you retain the vibrancy and overall condition as well as the longevity of your carpet. As the day progresses and dust and debris, along with the remnants brought inside from foot traffic, the filth will penetrate pas the carpeting. Where regular vacuuming, you significantly reduce the volume of dirt and debris that accumulates, but over time, it still builds up. The granules under the carpet, with the friction caused from walking, becomes a sandpaper-like effect, where deterioration is expedited from the bottom up. Professional cleaning can extract the unseen dirt to better preserve your carpets.

How to Remove Odor from Carpet

Aside from the stains that occur with spills and pet accidents, odors can be a problem to contend with. Many reach for band-aid solutions like carpet fresheners and scented candles to mask the odors, but once the odors, much like stains, has an opportunity to set in, it becomes a challenge to remove.

Signs Your Carpet Needs to Be Professionally Cleaned

Considering these problems that are common among carpet, below you will find the red flags that your carpet is in need of professional cleaning.
1) Faded looking carpets. In addition to the residue of soil being tracked in from foot traffic, direct sunlight, over time carpets begin to look faded and dingy. When you see that the carpet’s color isn’t as vibrant as it used to be, the carpets are in need of a professional cleaning.
2) Excessive allergies. When the allergies get agitated more frequently and without obvious cause, the allergens trapped in the carpet fibers and padding are the likely culprits. Allergy symptoms such as; runny noses, sneezing, tearing eyes, and difficulty breathing that seem to be brought on more frequently and/or last longer, is an indicator your carpets need to be professionally cleaned.
3) Pungent carpets. Another red flag your carpets require expert cleaning is the foul smelling odors that resonates from them. Odors are especially hard for people to remove, especially when they do not where they came from. There are many causes; pet accidents, food and beverage spills, and household items among others. After trying vacuuming, DIY remedies, and department store cleaners to only still smell the odor, professional cleaning will be effective.

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If your carpets are due for a professional carpet cleaning or any of these signs apply to you, call in Green Co Carpet Cleaning and let our professionals do the rest.

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