Residential VS Commercial Grade Carpet in Sherman Oaks, CA; Colors, Comfort, Durability & More

When you walk in a house the carpet is often plush and soft whereas a business or commercial location has a more sturdy carpet. There are some reasons behind the differences in residential or commercial carpets. One is that the type of activity that exists in a home versus a commercial office is very different. The amount of maintenance also is different which is why the manufacturers make them in a different way. When you go in to pick out a new carpet they will ask what type of space you are carpeting. The options that are available are different.

Green Co Carpet Cleaning Explains The Difference Between Commercial & Residential Carpets

Carpet Colors: When you go in to pick out a carpet for your home, the amount of color and pattern options are endless. It can seem overwhelming to narrow it down and get the one that will work best in your home. Carpets come in so many options from white to patterned that you can always find something that is perfect. When it comes to commercial carpet options, there are a lot less. There are not as many options because when you are putting carpet in an office the ability to withstand is more important. There are many options in darker shades that have a pattern to choose from.
Carpet Comfort: When you go to look for carpet to lay in your living room or a bedroom the color is only one aspect. Another aspect that might be even more important is the feel and comfort of the carpet. You usually will choose a nice thick padding with a plush carpet to keep the room comfortable when you spend time on the ground off without your shoes on. The commercial carpet option is to have something that is sturdy and low plush which makes it more flat.
How Durable is the Carpet?: When you choose carpet for your home you want the carpet to last but you will substitute the durability for comfort. The amount of traffic that comes in a home is different from a commercial space which is why a commercial office needs a more durable option. When you choose a carpet for an office you want to ensure that the carpet is able to stand up to all the outside traffic. It is a huge issue to pull out the carpet and replace it when you are trying to operate a business. That is why it is important to have a durable option.
Carpet Cleaning Responsibility: One of the most important ways to keep the carpets looking their best is to have them cleaned on a regular basis. The carpets in a home are not being walked on as much as a commercial space. That is why you need to have your commercial carpets cleaned more often to remove the dirt and debris that the customers and employees drag in on a daily basis.

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