Avoid Carpet Spotter Stain Removers in Valley Village, CA & Make Your Own Vinegar Cleaner

Twinkling lights and Christmas jingles are in the air and homes across the county are gearing up for thanksgiving dinners and Christmas gatherings with family and friends. More guests inevitably mean more clean ups especially when it comes to your carpets and rugs. Let’s face it accidental spills are bound to happen and your carpet is a prime target. Someone inadvertently knocks over a glass of wine or spills some food for example, or one of your younger guest’s tracks in dirt and other debris running in and out of the house. Whatever the reason, there is a very good chance that you have cleaned up your fair share of carpet stains. According to some of the leading carpet manufacturers in the industry, the number one tip to preserving your carpets and keeping them looking their best is to avoid using spot cleaners. Not only will your carpets and rugs look better, they will also last longer and give you many years of service.

Disadvantages of using a Carpet Spot Cleaner

The root problem of using a carpet spot cleaner or carpet spotter is its inability to effectively stop stains from returning. The majority of spot cleaners contain soap which is designed to help remove soiling and stains but unfortunately, using a spot cleaning also equates to a vicious cycle of removing stains temporarily and replacing them instead with a layer of soap. The soap residue that is left behind often attracts more dirt and debris which over time, adheres to the carpet fibers creating more stains which in some cases can become permanent. Next time you are in the grocery store pick up a bottle of carpet spot cleaner and read the label and you will be sure to find a long list of chemicals that you probably can’t pronounce let alone recognize. The experts at Green Co Carpet Cleaning use the process of extraction to clean your carpets using steam to effectively remove soiling and stains along with the reside left behind by carpet spot cleaners during the extraction cleaning process.

Make Your Own Vinegar Carpet Cleaning Solution

The most effective spot cleaner can be made using ingredients found in your very own kitchen. Mix a solution of 50% vinegar with 50% water to effectively spot clean your carpet. Not only is vinegar non-toxic which means it is safe for children and pets, it also won’t leave behind a sticky residue. Once you have mixed your vinegar/water solution, spray any soiled areas and remove the excess using a clean white towel. Repeat until the stain is removed. Keep a bottle of vinegar solution on hand with your cleaning supplies during the holiday season instead of using a manufactured spot cleaner and experience the difference yourself.

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