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How Long Can You Go Without Cleaning Your Dryer Vent & Answers to Other FAQ in Valley Village, CA?

As a never-ending chore, laundry is something that is always being done; between clothing, bedding, towels, and anything else machine washable and dryer safe. In larger families especially, the dryer is continually being used. Most people, though some may not be as diligent as others, know that they need to clean the vent trap after…

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Why Hot Water Extraction Steam Cleaning is Superior to Bonnet, Dry Foam or Other Methods in Los Angeles, CA

There are various methods to get that rug, carpet or upholstery clean and smelling fresh. Fabrics in general, including the above mentioned items, tend to stain from spills, accumulate allergens, mold and mildew along with ground in dirt and grime. Our flooring takes a lot of abuse. Carpets are walked on and dirt and grime…

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Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning in North Hollywood, CA; Safety, Removes Allergens & More

You probably don’t think about your dryer vents very often but there are certainly benefits to having them cleaned. Advantages to Having Your Dryer Vents Cleaned 1. Safety. This is probably the best reason to get your dryer vents cleaned because there are more dryer fires recorded every year. Having the vents cleaned reduces the…

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Carpet Cleaning FAQ in Van Nuys, CA; Is it Affordable, How Long Does it Take & More

Investing in high-quality carpets is an investment that no one should take lightly. Carpets are not only to cover the subfloor, but they are designed to provide a little extra comfort and complete and overall look of a room. Manufacturers recommend daily vacuuming, immediate treatment to spills, and professional carpet cleaning once or twice a…

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