What is the Best Thing to Remove Pet Hair from Carpet in Sherman Oaks, CA; Deep Cleaning & More

Inviting a pet into your home is considered a privilege to many people. The devoted love and affection animals have for people is a special bond that the majority of animals lovers would agree, is priceless. Watching their personalities and daily interaction often gives us joy. More often than not, dogs and cats top the list, but there are many animals that are more than a pet, they are family. But it is not always fun and games as these pets may have frequent potty accidents, chew up possessions, sometimes even innocently destroying the structure. Most furry/hair pets shed a few times a year, typically when the weather changes, in so doing their hair becomes entangled with the carpet fibers and sometimes, even vacuuming isn’t enough to remove the hair. We at Green Co Carpet Cleaning would like to offer some methods and tips on how you can effectively clear the pet hair/fur from your carpets.

Method #1: Fabric Softener to Remove Pet Hair from Carpet

Tools for the job:
– Liquid fabric softener
– Spray bottle
– Water
– Vacuum
Steps to remove pet hair/fur from carpet with fabric softener:
1. In a spray bottle mix together 1 part fabric softener and 3 parts water.
2. Spray the solution lightly on the carpet. Do not to saturate the carpet; nothing more than a light mist is all that is required.
3. Let the solution dry. Dry time should be fairly brief with a light mist.
4. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly. Vacuuming the hairs should be simple now that the fabric softener has loosened the pet hair/fur from the carpet fibers.

Method #2: Baking Soda to Get Pet Hair Out of Carpet

Tools for the job:
– Baking soda
– Vacuum
Steps to remove the pet fur/hair from carpets with baking soda:
1. Sprinkle the baking soda on the carpet lightly.
2. Allow the baking soda to set for approximately 10 minutes.
3. Vacuum the carpet in detail. The baking soda will help lift the hair from the carpet as well as deodorize.

Method #3: Sponge Mop for Getting Pet Hair Out of Carpets

Tools for the job:
– Clean Kitchen Sponge Mop
– Spray bottle with water
– Vacuum
Steps to remove the pet hair/fur from carpet with sponge mop:
1) Vacuum the carpet thoroughly to remove a bulk of the hair.
2) With the water bottle, mist the sponge mop.
3) Apply the mop across the carpet’s surface with moderate pressure; the pet hair will clump up, and from there you can remove the clumps by hand or use the vacuum. (This method is ideal for low-pile carpeting.)

Additional Tips

1. Upgrade your current vacuum by investing with a vacuum hat is specifically designed to extract the pet hair from carpets.
2. Manually work the pet fur/hair out of the carpet fibers with your hands while wearing rubber gloves.
3. Using the rubber edge of a squeegee glide the surface of the carpet to help pull up the pet’s hair/fur. Completely vacuum the carpet.
4. Hire a professional carpet cleaning expert to efficiently remove the pet hair/fur from your carpets if all other methods fail.

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