How Long Can You Go Without Cleaning Your Dryer Vent & Answers to Other FAQ in Valley Village, CA?

As a never-ending chore, laundry is something that is always being done; between clothing, bedding, towels, and anything else machine washable and dryer safe. In larger families especially, the dryer is continually being used. Most people, though some may not be as diligent as others, know that they need to clean the vent trap after every load. But what people don’t realize, is that periodically, the dryer vent needs a good cleaning because the lint and debris buildup eventually impedes proper airflow. As a part of regular maintenance, scheduling professional dryer vent cleaning is essential for a number of reasons. With so many questions consumers have concerning the dryer vent cleaning, we at Green Co Carpet Cleaning would like to answer some of the most common frequently asked questions.

Is a Dryer Vent Cleaning Really Necessary?

Yes, dryer vents should be cleaned to maintain the dryer’s performance and energy use but most especially for the safety of the homeowner. One of the most leading causes of residential fires in the United States stems from dryer vents. Statistically speaking, in annual reports, the average 15,000 dryer fires results in more than $110 million in damages. The lint is a highly flammable substance and the more buildup present, the higher the risk.

What is a Dryer Vent?

We find some are confused with which components is the dryer vent. The vent trap that is cleaned is not the dryer vent. The dryer vent connects to the wall from the dryer and it is the tubing that feeds the lint through a line to the exterior.

Should I Be Concerned if My Dryer Vent is Made from Plastic Tubing?

The dryer vent tubing should be made of metal ducting and proper metal tape secures the attached joints together, which is required. Plastic tubing is low quality an unacceptable.

Does the Dryer Vent Affect the Utility Bill?

It does. The more accumulation of lint and debris reduces the air flow, causing the dryer to overheat, requiring more time to dry a load, in some cases multiple times to dry load, increasing energy use; which can increase the energy bill on average $20 month when the dryer vent is over burdened.

Are there Any Red Flags that Suggest My Dryer is in Need of a Vent Cleaning?

– While the dryer is running, the laundry room will get excessively humid or warm.
– At the end of one cycle the load in the dryer is extremely hot.
– Unusual build up of lint is found around or behind the dryer.
– The dryer is hot to the touch when it is running.
– The laundry smells musty after the dryer cycle is finished.
– More than one cycle is needed to dry the load.

How Frequently Should Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Be Scheduled?

Major appliance manufacturers typically recommend the dryer vent is cleaned once a year. However, depending on the surrounding factors, the dryer vent should be cleaned every 1-3 years. Such factors to consider are the following:
– Older dryers need dryer vent cleaning sooner. (Dryers over 10 years old.)
– Stackable or compact dryers vent buildup faster, needing cleaning sooner than later.
– A buildup of more lint occurs when the vent is designed with more bends or elbows as opposed to a vent with few or no bends.
– Dryers that are used daily from larger families will get a buildup faster.
– Shorter vents can go longer in between cleanings.

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