Why Hot Water Extraction Steam Cleaning is Superior to Bonnet, Dry Foam or Other Methods in Los Angeles, CA

There are various methods to get that rug, carpet or upholstery clean and smelling fresh. Fabrics in general, including the above mentioned items, tend to stain from spills, accumulate allergens, mold and mildew along with ground in dirt and grime. Our flooring takes a lot of abuse. Carpets are walked on and dirt and grime embed themselves causing a dingy appearance. Most of that dirt is quartz based and walking tends to cut and abrade the fibers of the carpet, shortening the life of the carpet. Long cut carpets also crush, and the resulting matting tend destroy the appearance of the carpet. Vacuuming can remove surface material but does not reach deep enough to get it all. Over the years many methods of carpet cleaning have been employed. Green Co Carpet Cleaning details the different types of carpet cleaning and why hot water extraction steam cleaning is the best.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning uses an absorbent pad and is used for routine light maintenance. It is not a deep clean solution. The carpet is vacuumed, and the cleaner applied with a hand pump or an electric sprayer. The cleaner is then allowed to stay on the carpet for a duration of time to dwell. It takes time for these solutions to work. The absorbent bonnet is placed on a rotary floor machine that turns at between 100 to 300 rpm. The solution is forced into the carpet and then picked up with all that debris after.
Pros: relatively simple, expensive and quick. Excellent for lightly soiled carpets.
Cons: It has no depth, cleaning effectively only the top third of the carpet fibers, and is totally incapable of reaching down for a deep clean.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Absorbent compounds in powder forms are spread on the carpet. The powder contains solvents and other cleaning agents. A machine with counter-rotating brushes is utilized. The powder absorbs soils in the carpet’s fibers. After a set period of 10-15 minutes the cleaners with the soils attached are vacuumed up.
Pros: No tech training required it is a simple operation. Vast drying as it is essential a dry powder and only takes about 20 minutes to put the area back in service.
Cons: some of the chemical agent will be left behind and may build up over time. There maybe an associated build of dust, and is definitely not a deep clean method.

Dry Foam or Rotary Carpet Shampoo

A foaming chemical agent is applied that works by loosening and suspending dirt particles in the carpet. A rotary brush works the foam into the fibers, the mechanical action of the powered brushes of a specialized machine. After a short period, the remaining material can be vacuumed up.
Pros: Fast, inexpensive and simple to apply. The powered rotating brushes provide excellent agitation. Limit moisture content leads to fast dry times.
Cons: this method can not extract soils below the surface of the carpet. High temperatures to kill bacteria, viruses and other denizens of your carpet are not achieved. Unless machined properly is used excessive wetting is possible.

Hot Water Extraction Steam Cleaning

The hot water extraction method is the only method that can reach deep down to the carpet backing to extract dirt and grime. The heat helps to sanitize the carpet killing potential pathogens deep in the carpet. Hot water with a detergent is applied to carpet that liquifies soiling and oil-based substances. Difficult areas that are stained may be pre-treated. Water is heated to temperature where a lot of steam is given off, hence the term steam cleaning. But it is the hot, liquid water with the chemical agents that do the cleaning. After injection into the carpet it is extracted with a wet-dry vacuum.
Pros: gets deep down removing soiling from the fiber cleaning from the bottom up. High temperatures with high chemical concentration and pressures loosen dirt, oils and kills all those nasty natural things that live in our carpets. Extended times allows for a deep thorough cleaning. Grooming tools and mechanical agitation further remove that deep-down dirt. A very popular and the most effective method for cleaning carpets and rugs. The most highly recommended method in the industry.
Cons: Relatively long drying times but can be reduced significantly by the proper application of tools and expert operation of the process. Expensive equipment the requires knowledgeable technicians. Bit more expensive than other methods. For best effect should be done by the pros.

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A word about chemicals. Straight water is a chemical. We can not in our modern society escape the chemist. Or very bodies are chemistry powered and not all of the natural chemicals are benign. The trick is to use chemical cleaners that are compatible with us and our environment. Green Co Carpet Cleaning uses the hot water extraction method that is bar none the most effective method on the market to get your carpets, rugs and upholstery clean and fresh. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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