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There are all sorts of things that come in categories. If you are looking for a new car they are set in categories like sedan, SUV, electric and more. The same goes for categories of food chains such as fast food, Italian, American or even a food truck. Categories are a great way to separate certain items so that you can easily identify them as having a certain characteristic. When it comes to cleaning there are some stains and messes that are categorized so that you can use the right method to get them clean. When it comes to the types of stains that you might find on your carpet they fall into some main categories. The reason that this is important to know is because there are cleaning methods that are very different and specific depending on where they fall. If you use the wrong method to clean a stain it can cause the stain to set in or spread it out making the mess much larger.

Green Co Carpet Cleaning Offers Tips for Getting Old Stains Out of Carpet

Gum & Sticky Stuff on Carpet: This is a type of stain that you might find on your carpet especially if you have younger kids. They seem to walk around with gum or candy that sometimes ends up on your carpets. It can seem like there is no way to remove the candy or gum but there is still hope. The best way to treat this category of stain is to use ice. The ice can be placed in a bag so that it can be left on the gum to freeze it. This will make it so that you can chip away at the gum and break it off so that it does not spread out any further. You may need to freeze the spot a few times while you work. You can use a butter knife to break off the pieces but be sure that you pick them up as you work.
Oil & Wax Carpet Stains: The next category of stains that you may find on your carpet are oils that can come from makeup, food, tools, cars or bikes. You might step in some spilled oil and walk in the house tracking it in with you. Wax is in this same category which can get on your carpet if you bump into your wax burner or a candle. The hot liquid wax can get on the carpet and as it dries it will harden. You want to use the heat treatment to get it off the carpet. You can set up a brown paper lunch bag on the spot and use your clothes iron. You want to heat it up by passing the iron over the spot several times. The heat will release it from the carpet fibers and the bag will soak it up.
Water Soluble Carpet Stains: The other stain that you might come across and happens to be the most common is water soluble stains. This can be from foods, dirt, soda and even alcohol. You can use water mixed with dish soap that you can soak the area. Then dab at the spot with a clean cloth to pull the water as well as the stain. These types of stains can be broken down with a simple water solution.

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