Is Walking Barefoot on Carpet Bad? Should I Enforce a No Shoes Rule in Chatsworth, CA?

Every family has their own way of doing things in their house. People make a million decisions without even thinking twice about them simply because that is just how they do it in their house. Think about when you come home from a long day at work. Your routine is probably very similar from day to day. One of the habits that you do every day without second guessing yourself is whether you wear your shoes inside your house or take you them off at the door. There are debates on both sides of this topic that seem logical and are backed by research so how do you know who is right?

No Shoes on Carpet

If you are on the shoes off side of this debate you probably have many different reasons for it. One of the most popular reasons is that as you walk around on the dirty ground throughout the day your shoes pick up all sorts of dirt on them. Then you wear those very same shoes inside your home and track all of that dirt onto your carpet. All of that dirt will then stain your carpet. Not only do you get dirt on your shoes, you can also get bacteria on your shoes. One of the health concerns mentioned frequently is E.Coli. Shoes off supporters say that it is not worth the risk of bringing bacteria onto your carpet that could then make you sick.

Reasons to Wear Shoes on the Carpet

The shoes on camp have their own reasons for their stance. Supporters of keeping your shoes on will talk about the lack of tact that asking your houseguests to take off their shoes when they come in brings. Is it polite to ask people that come to your house to your house to take their shoes off before coming in? The answer to that question is truly just a personal decision that will vary depending on what you are talking to. Believers in keeping your shoes on will also say that your feet produce oils that stick to the fibers on your carpet and attract dirt. If you do not believe that the oils on your feet can cause damage, just take a look at the inside of your shoes. You may even want to take a whiff! Do you really want that on your carpet?

Answer; Wear Socks or Slippers on Carpet

So what is the right answer to this debate? Some researchers say that the best solution is to trade your shoes for clean socks or house shoes. This will prevent your bare feet AND your shoes from making your carpet dirty. This does not solve the problem of what to do when you have company over to your house, but normally your house will only have your family in it anyways.

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