What to Do if Your Dog Has an Accident on the Carpet of Your Lake Balboa, CA House

There is nothing better than bringing home your new puppy! The search for the right pet for your home can be fun and exciting. The new addition to your house could be a new puppy or a rescue but no matter what, they are new to you. Your new pet needs time to adjust to the life that they have. They even have to get used to other pets as well as the people that are in the house. You want to make sure that they have plenty of time and you do not overwhelm them. If you overwhelm them they can become scared and this will only prolong the time that it takes to get into a normal routine. During the transition time your new dog or puppy is going to have some accidents. You want to make sure that you treat the problem in the right way.

Green Co Carpet Cleaning List Tips for What to Do if Your Puppy or Housebroken Dog is Having Accidents on Your Carpet

How to Address Your Dog when They Pee or Poop on Carpet: The first thing you want to do is to address your pet especially if you catch them in the act. You want to stay away from scolding and yelling at the dog. They are likely still learning where they need to go to use the bathroom and may not have it down yet. You should still make sure that they know it is a bad idea and talk to them at the site of the accident. Then take them out to a location that is acceptable for them to use the bathroom. This will help to reinforce that they need to go elsewhere and keep them from being fearful. Now you can address the stain and work on cleaning.
Dry Dog Urine Stains on Carpet: The first step is to do your best to absorb as much of the odor as you can. This can be as simple as getting a clean paper towel and dabbing at the spot. You want to avoid rubbing in the spot or spreading it out. Some people think that if they dry it fast it will help and they get out the blow dryer. This is creating a hot heat and that will actually set the stain and odor in making it almost impossible to get out later. Be sure that you use a clean cloth or paper towel only during this step.
Treat the Pet Odor & Stain: The next thing that you need to focus on is a two part step. The first is getting the discoloration from the stain off the carpet the second being the odor. You can use baking soda as a way to neutralize the odor. You place it on the area and allow it to sit on the area for several minutes. This will take care of the excess moisture and kill the odor as well. You can then follow up with a cleaning solution that includes water and detergent. You want to use the cleaner sparingly and be sure that a clean cloth is used when dabbing the area.

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