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Why You Should Deep Clean & Disinfect Your Mattress to Remove Stains & Odors in Reseda, CA

All families aim to keep their house nice and clean. Households around the world take time each day to clean their kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry rooms, family rooms and more. One item that regularly gets missed in the cleaning process is your mattresses. Cleaning your mattresses is an important part of keeping your house clean…

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Acidic, Alkaline, High, Low or Neutral pH Level Carpet Cleaners & Solutions in Encino, CA

No one would ever consider a professional carpet cleaner to be a chemist. However, many are surprised to learn how much chemistry is actually involved. While professional carpet specialists must be taught in the various cleaning solutions and what mixtures to make for various carpet types, their primary concern is to have the proper pH…

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