How Long Does Carpet Take to Dry After Cleaning in Lake Balboa, CA? Level of Clean & More

A very common question consumers have following a professional deep carpet cleaning is wondering how long until the carpets are fully dry. Some “professionals” have the audacity to leave the carpets so wet that they have taken several days to dry. Typically, it is a goal of a quality professional to have the carpets dry within 4-8 hours after they have finished a cleaning, but time can vary depending on a several variables. We at Green Co Carpet Cleaning would like to share these variables to help customers better understand the average dry time after their carpets have been professionally cleaned.

Material Composition Affects Carpet Drying Time

Every situation is different, which is why dry time varies from every home. The assortment of carpet fibers can take longer to dry than others. For example, the water absorbed in wool is up to 30% of its weight. Where polypropylene carpet feels damp for far longer because it doesn’t absorb any water; leaving all the moisture on its surface.

Clean Carpet Dries Faster

The amount of soil found in the carpet fibers is another contributing factor concerning dry time. More cleaners must be used to break loose the soil that is embedded in carpets that are professionally cleaned less and the dirt and debris is more compacted as opposed to carpets that are cleaned more regularly.

Humidity & Temperature Affects Carpet Drying Time

Another circumstance is what the temperature and humidity are after a cleaning. Colder days and environments that are more humid, the dry time is generally significantly longer. Heat and air movement cause moisture to evaporate faster where as the cold and still environments slow the process down. Since humid climates have a lot of moisture in the air, the carpets take longer to dry since it is difficult to let more moisture into the air. Additionally, shaggier carpets will take longer than short fiber carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Method Determines Drying Time

Dry time can also vary from the professionals; as each professional has preferred methods to cleaning. Some professional cleaning companies stick with low moisture methods and with little moisture being used, it will take less time to dry. Some methods are water extraction, which are necessary for stubborn stains and odors to properly remove them. When these methods are used, more water is used, taking longer for the carpets to fully dry even though the professionals extract the majority of the moisture.

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More often than not, a reputable carpet cleaning company will not only ensure each carpeted room they clean with high-powered equipment and quality products are safely, effectively and efficiently done with the moisture completely extracted, we will relate to you, factoring in the common conditions, of how long to expect the carpets to be damp. It is crucial you avoid normal foot traffic to resume until the carpets are fully dried to avoid tracking in dirt and debris on your freshly cleaned carpets. If you are looking to get your carpets professionally deep cleaned, call in the specialists of Green Co Carpet Cleaning and let our experts do the rest. We take great care and pride of our work and our goal is to leave your carpets as dry as possible to expedite the overall dry time. Contact us today!

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