List of the Hardest Carpet Stains to Remove in Reseda, CA; Red Wine, Dried Blood & More

Both residential and commercial carpets can experience stains that are difficult to deal with but not for experts. Experts have the training, products, equipment and experience to get any stain out. The best thing you can do with any carpet stain is to get to it as quickly as you can. The faster you act the better your chances will be at removing it.

Worst Carpet Stains that Won’t Come Out?

Set in Red Juice & Wine Carpet Stains. Wine drinkers and parents are all too familiar with juice spills. These stains seep very quickly into the carpet fibers and can cause permanent damage. When you’ve has this kind of spill on your carpet, you need to blot as much of it as possible. You can use hydrogen peroxide to help the process along. You can then use a spray bottle that has a mixture of water and cleaner to try and completely remove the stain.
Coffee Carpet Stains. Coffee stains are common in homes and businesses and are another difficult stain to deal with. The stain left behind will be yellowish-brown in color, ugly to look at and can be difficult to remove. Again, get to it as quickly as you can and then try using vinegar and dishwashing detergent. These can be very helpful in minimizing the damage coffee stains can cause.
Dried Blood Stains on Carpet. Blood stains can be tricky to remove because it penetrates the carpet fibers very quickly. The stain left behind will be very dark if it dries. Make sure you address the cause for the blood on your carpet by taking care of the injured party and then clean the blood. Scrap off dried blood first. Then use a solution of one teaspoon of handwashing detergent and two cups of water to blot the stain.
Ink Carpet Stains. Pens always see to malfunction at the worst time and can be quite messy on your carpet. If ink stains aren’t cleaned the right way, your carpet can be left damaged. The best way to remove ink from carpet is by using ammonia and blotting. Most ink stains will require professional help for complete removal.
Bodily fluids. Having children and/or pets in you home will most likely have you dealing with bodily fluid stains at one time or another. These stains can leave a persistent and foul odor behind if not cleaned correctly. The first step is to pick up any solid matter first and use cleaners that are formulated for these stains. Baking soda is a good at removing moisture and will minimize the smell. If pet stains aren’t completely removed, you may have repeat offenses. To prevent this from happening you may need professional help to remove all traces of the accident.

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Time is of the essence with carpet stains and some stains are harder to deal with than others. If you’re unsuccessful at removing a stain or you need your carpets cleaned, contact the professionals at Green Co Carpet Cleaning for expert carpet care. Give us a call today!

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