How to Clean Marble Tile Countertops & Bathroom Floors & Showers in Encino, CA

Among quite a few homeowners, marble tile is trending in kitchens, entryways, and bathrooms as an increasing trend. The look of marble can enhance any room’s styles sophistication, elegance, and beauty. Marble tile is a natural, soft stone that is found in unique patterns and a variety of colors. It is fairly durable and depending on the quality of the stone, it varies in cost, making it an affordable option for many people. With its mirror-like finish when it is polished, marble tile has its advantages such as being resistant to erosion and fire, but it does have its weaknesses to acidic compounds causing it to etch and to grit that can leave scratches on the surface. As a result when it comes to marble tile, it requires diligent maintenance in or order to retain the shine and refinement. Unfortunately, too many are not informed on how to properly care for their marble tile in order to ensure the aesthetics, condition, and longevity are well preserved. In an effort to help you keep your marble tile looking glorious, we at Green Co Carpet Cleaning would like to take the opportunity to share a few maintenance tips today.

Marble Maintenance

1) Dust and debris removal from marble tile. It is important that marble tile flooring gets a surface cleaning daily. As mentioned earlier, it is susceptible to grit and dirt. You can use a dust mop, a standard vacuum (just ensure it is set to bare floor so the rotator bar is not spinning or it will cause damage to the marble tile) or use a hard surface vacuum, or a soft bristle broom to thoroughly clean the surface of your marble floor. Be sure to get the corners and sides. It is highly recommended that you removed the dirt and debris on a daily basis especially in high-traffic areas, but ensure it is done a minimum of twice a week. Because dirt and other such particles are a natural abrasive and walking causes friction, the marble will easily get scratched, making the look dull.
2) Promptly clean spills, spot clean, and mop. Immediately wipe up any spills, especially substances that have acid base, such as juice. Not only will your marble look unsightly riddled with stains, but acid and many soaps are not friendly to marble and they need to cleaned off quickly. At the end of the day following your sweeping, spot mop to ensure your marble is better cared for. Once a week, wash your marble floors with warm water or a store-bought cleaner specifically designed to clean marble tile. It is important you avoid vinegar, other acidic based cleaners, and even mild soaps as they will cause marble tile damage. If in doubt, just use warm water.
3) Don’t forget to schedule professional maintenance services. In addition to your own cleaning and maintenance, professional cleaning and sealing services are equally important. Licensed professionals have access to quality products and equipment that can ensure a deep clean for the marble tile and grout,

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When your marble tile and grout are due for their deep clean, call the experts of Green Co Carpet Cleaning and let our experts get it your marble clean and sanitized efficiently and quickly.

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