Extend Professional Carpet Cleaning Results in Tarzana, CA; Wait for Carpets to Dry & More

Most people know that to keep their carpets look gorgeous, in great condition, and to preserve their longevity they require routine vacuuming, spot cleanup, care and professional cleaning one to two times a year. When you have frequent allergies and/or asthma attacks, pets, live in a dusty environment, or your carpets experience a lot of foot traffic, you should invest in professional carpet cleaning every 6 months or so. With a deep carpet cleaning, professionals are able to extract the rooted soil, any tough stains, developing odors as well as the pollutants, allergens, and contaminants that deposit in the carpet fibers. After getting professional carpet cleaning, many homeowners want to do all they can to extend that fresh clean for as long as they can and we at Green Co Carpet Cleaning would like to relate some ways on how you can do just that.

How to Keep Carpet Clean & Fluffy for Longer

1) Do not let anyone walk on the carpets until they have fully dried. Before you let normal foot traffic resume when a professional carpet cleaning service has concluded, it is essential you wait until the carpets are completely dry. Once the technician has finished the service, they will generally give you an estimated time frame. However, dry time can vary depending on climate conditions and current weather conditions among other factors. During the professional service, the technician uses power equipment to extract the moisture, the carpets is left mildly damp at the end of the service. Additionally, after treating any spills, spots, and stains, the area should not be walked over until it too has completely dried.
2) When walking on carpets, only wear socks or indoor slippers. Freshly cleaned carpets should definitely not be walked on with people wearing shoes especially, as they can track in all matter of filth. Walking on carpets after a cleaning barefoot should also be avoided. Make sure people are wearing socks or slippers that are exclusively worn indoors; otherwise the natural oils our skin produces can leave oily residues on the carpet and attract dust.
3) Any accidental spills should instantly be treated. Any spills need to be cleaned at once to prevent stains. The longer substances have to sit, the harder they are to remove and more likely they are to become a stain. Should you find a stain that should be treated as quickly as possible as well. As you treat the accidental spills, be sure to use blotting and patting techniques to absorb the moisture. Using rubbing and scrubbing methods will only cause the carpet fibers absorb the substance instead. Before using chemical agents, try using plain water to treat the spills and never use hot water. Any paper towels, towels, and cloths you use to treat carpets with should only be why because dyes and prints can be transferred to carpets. Always perform a patch test in an inconspicuous area first to ensure the color or fibers are not compromised providing you need something tougher than water to treat a spot, no matter if you prefer commercial product or DIY formulas.
4) Carpets need daily vacuuming. Whether your carpets look like they could use vacuuming or not, particularly following a professional cleaning, vacuum the carpets daily if possible or as frequently as possible. Though you can’t always see the allergens, contaminates, pollutants, or even always the dirt and debris, they are there and vacuuming gets most of it removed. You cannot damage your carpets with vacuuming, a common myth, even if you vacuum 2-3 times a day, and the more you are able to do it, the better your carpets will be.

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