How to Deep Clean an Area Rug in Woodland Hills, CA; Needed Equipment, Supplies & More

Area rugs are often placed in high-foot traffic locations. As a result, they are susceptible to a buildup of soil and debris, spots and stains, and odors; making the once beautiful area rug becomes a pungent dingy and grimy replica of its former self. Regular vacuuming, even owning a steam cleaner may not be able to save the area rug. But today, we at Green Co Carpet Cleaning would like to share one method of deep cleaning your area rug.

Area Rug Cleaning Equipment & Supplies Needed

You will need:
– Scrub Brush
– Garden Hose with High Pressure Nozzle
– Clean area outside area (like a patio area that can be wet, it is crucial it is clean before starting)
– 2TBS Laundry detergent
– 2 TBS Washing soda (stronger than baking soda)
– 1tsp Mild dishwashing liquid
– 1-gallon pitcher (if you have one that has a slit large enough for ice to escape for more control the better) or a sprinkle spout watering can.
– Wet/Dry Vac and an area to hang the rug dry. (A squeegee might be useful to remove excess water if you do not have some type of extraction equipment.)

Step by Step Area Rug Cleaning Process

1) Take the rug outside onto your clean surface, and place it upside down. Attach the pressure nozzle to the hose and extremely slowly and methodically, spray every inch of the backside of the rug. The technique will loosen the compacted dirt and debris, so be sure to especially spend additional time on the problem areas. With high-pressure, semi-close range, and slow application, much of grit and grime.
2) In your pitcher or water pot, add warm-hot water, not hot-hot water and combine the mild dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, and washing soda. If your container is smaller than the gallon size, be sure to scale down the ingredients. Distribute the solution on the backside of the rug evenly, and allow the solution to sit for 15-60 minutes.
3) Rinse the solution like before with the hose and pressurized spray nozzle, ensuring to do so slowly and methodically.
4) You may need to solicit help, with the water wet, the rug may be heavy and you will need to flip over the rug. After it is flipped over, it may look far worse than before, as it should because the grit and grime has loosened and rising to the surface.
5) Rinse as you did in step one, prepare more solution if necessary, and let the solution sit 15-60 minutes after it is evenly applied to the surface. Slowly rinse away the debris and solution in the same manner.
6) You may need to repeat the steps for extremely grungy rugs or even get out the scrub brush on tough spots and stains. If you need to repeat, be sure to thoroughly rinse.
7) Dry. If you extraction equipment, like a wet/dry vac for example, extract as much water as possible, otherwise squeegee the excess water out. After the water is removed, hang the rug in a sunny place to dry it as quickly as possible. Do not replace it in the area where it is featured until it is fully dry; depending on your climate and current weather conditions, it can take a few days.

Area Rug Cleaning & More in Sherman Oaks, Valley Village, Woodland Hills & Greater Los Angeles, California

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