How to Get Dried Nail Polish Out of Carpet & Fabric Couches in Valley Village, CA

It seems like when the kids are out of school it is much harder to keep the house clean. The house is full of kids that usually are at least gone for six hours of the day. Now they are there all day and want to always be doing something. That means that the amount of messes that you are stuck cleaning up can be difficult. The area of the house that can be hard to deal with are messes, stains and spills in the carpet. If you have girls in your house then you know that nail polish can be your worst enemy. Doing pedicures is great but when that tiny bottle tips over and spills on the carpet or fabric upholstery it can be disastrous. You want to make sure that you know what options you have to clean the spill.

Green Co Carpet Cleaning Lists Ways to Clean Nail Polish Off Your Carpet & Sofas

Does Hairspray Remove Nail Polish from Carpet & Couches?: If you look over to find that someone has dripped or spilled nail polish on your carpet you want to get to it as fast as you can. One way that you can clean the nail polish stain is with household hairspray. You can use the hairspray directly on the spill by spraying about 15 times on the nail polish. The nail polish should start to come out and you want to dab at the space right away. You then may need to repeat until you see all the polish has been removed. The hair spray has ammonia in it that is able to break down the nail polish before it has time to set. You want to also clean the spot after with warm water and dish soap. This will help take the hair spray residue off.
Using Nail Polish Remover: Although it is best to work with the stain as soon as it occurs there are times that you may not know about it until later. That is why there are several tips on cleaning the nail polish off. Start with dabbing at the spot to remove as much of the wet polish as you can. Use a cloth and continue to dab with a clean section until it has been removed as much as possible. Then grab your nail polish remover and check to ensure that it is non acetone before using it on the carpet. You can use a cloth to apply the remover to the stained spot. You may need to repeat the process until it been completed. Use caution when using any new product on your carpet so that it does not cause more damage.
Remove Nail Polish from Carpet & Upholstery with Windex: The common theme for most of the cleaning elements when dealing with nail polish is ammonia. The same product can be found in glass or window cleaner. You can dab at the spot to remove as much as you can. Then follow up with a cloth that has window cleaner to clean the remaining stain off the carpet. You always want to follow up with clean water and dish soap for a finish clean.

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