How to Clean & Care for Old Hardwood Floors in Studio City, CA; Easy Maintenance Tips

The hardwood flooring in your home was a big investment. You don’t want anything to ruin its beauty. Sometimes, homeowners want nothing more than to clean their hardwood flooring and end up damaging it in the process. It is important that you understand what causes damage and what products to avoid when cleaning and maintaining your wood flooring. Green Co Carpet Cleaning is here to share some cleaning and maintenance tips with you to help you keep your hardwood flooring beautiful as well as clean.

What to Use to Clean Hardwood Floors

To keep your wood flooring clean, you should be sweeping or dust mopping it each day. This will get rid of most of the dust, dirt and debris that collect on its surface. If you are using a vacuum on your wood floor, be sure the beater bar is turned off. Not only will the beater bar make it impossible to suck up the debris, but it will potentially damage your flooring in the process. Only once a month do you need to use a cleaner and mop your floor. Don’t use a wet mop, but a cleaner that is approved for wood flooring specifically. You should avoid vinyl or tile flooring products on your wood floor. Self polishing acrylic waxes will make your wood floor look dull prematurely as well.

Hardwood Floor Maintenance Tips

Here are several tips to help keep your hardwood flooring beautiful.
Area Rugs in High Traffic Areas – You should use rugs in the high traffic areas of your home to protect them from heavy traffic damage. This includes all the entryways into your home.
Clean Spills Right Away – Don’t allow spills to sit on your hardwood flooring. When you see a spill happen, work quickly to remove it before it causes damage to your flooring. Too much moisture isn’t conducive to hardwood floors and will cause them to warp.
Use Furniture Protectors – You can purchase felt pads that go on the bottom of your furniture legs. These will protect your wood flooring from damage. Especially in places like your dining room, where the chairs are moved in and out in order to be sat on.
Use Caution Walking in High Heels – When you walk on your wood flooring with shoes like high heels and cleats, you will most likely end up scratching them. Even when you walk carefully, these types of shoes aren’t a good choice when you have hardwood.
Don’t Drag Furniture on Hardwood Floors – When moving furniture, pick it up or place it on a dolly to avoid scratching your flooring as you drag it across the room.

Hardwood Floor Installation & Refinishing in Sherman Oaks, Valley Village, Woodland Hills & Greater Los Angeles, California

Caring for your wood floors properly will extend their life and keep their beauty intact. Over time, you may notice that your hardwood flooring starts to dull or have an excessive amount of scratches across it. The flooring experts at Green Co Carpet Cleaning offer hardwood installation and refinishing to restore your flooring and leave them looking like the day they were installed. Call us today for more information about our hardwood floor services.

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