Floor Covering Protection for Parties in Los Angeles, CA; How to Party Proof Your Carpet

When you are getting ready to host a child’s birthday party there is a lot of planning. You need to pick a time and date that is best for the party as well as prepare the invitations. You need to prepare the guest list and send them out in advance. Then you need to order or if you want to bake your own cake. Then prepare the food and drink list and of course what activities that you want the kids to play. Planning an enjoyable kid’s birthday party is something that happens all the time and people have it in their own home. Even when you have the party outside your home people will still be using the home as well. This can be an area of the party that can cause a little anxiety. Having a pile of people in and out of your home making a mess can be stressful but there are some things that you can do to protect your carpets.

Green Co Carpet Cleaning Lists Steps to Protect Your Carpets From Being Stained

Cover Carpets, Other Floors & Furniture: You don’t want to throw a bunch of tarps over your carpets and furniture during parties in your home. That would not be the inviting atmosphere that you want to have when a party is in your house. Although a tarp is taboo there are other things that you can use to cover your belongings and keep them from being damaged and stained. You can start by investing in slipcovers for your couches, chairs and ottomans. These will pay for themselves over time especially if you host parties in your home. You can also cover your carpet in areas that people will be using with rugs. It is easier to replace a rug if it happens to be damaged during a party than replacing the entire carpet. Take rugs from other areas of the house if you need to.
Create a Limited Access Small Party Space: When you have a party even if it is small you want to allow people access to only particular areas of the house. You can accomplish this by blocking off areas that you want people to stay out of. You can close and lock doors, use furniture to block walks ways to other parts of the house that you want to stay out of. This will lessen the areas that can be stained and it will be a smaller area that you have to clean when the party is over.
Serve Food & Drinks Less Likely to Stain Carpet: You also want to be cautious about what you are serving in terms of food and drink. Be sure that you are serving foods and drinks that are less likely to stain such as water and food that are easy to handle. Also spend a little more on the sturdier plates and cups that your guests will be using to hold their food. This will lessen the chances that a plate will buckle under the weight and cause the food to slip on the floor.

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