How to Clean Your Vacuum Filter, Brush, Hose, Bagless Canister & More in Woodland Hills, CA

Daily vacuuming is one of the primary maintenance that should be done on your carpets. It impedes the deterioration process, improves the indoor air quality, keeps the carpet’s appearance pristine, and keeps the carpet in optimal condition. If your vacuum is not operating at full efficiency however, then your carpets are not getting clean to…

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Carpet Cleaning & Stain Removal Tips in Sherman Oaks, CA. How to Treat Old & New Stains; Blot Don’t Scrub, Dry After & More

Spots and stains on carpet are inevitable at some point. No matter how careful you are or how strict you apply the laws of the household, something, whether it is food, beverages, chemicals, or other agents, will besmirch your carpet. When the stains and spots accrue, the carpet not only looks a mess, but the…

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