Best Ways to Keep Your Carpets Clean in Sherman Oaks, CA Home; Vacuum, Runners & More

The summer months are a great time of year to spend time outdoors and enjoy swimming and barbecues. After being cooped up in the house all winter long the warm weather is a huge welcome. Most kids are out of school and ready to enjoy the freedom that summer brings. With all that happening there is bound to be more traffic in and out of your house. The traffic can be from small shoes and feet that are dragging with them dirt and debris. This dirt and debris will make a mess in your house and start to damage and effect your carpets, tile and rugs. That means that you are going to have to clean more often to have your house looking clean and welcoming. If you are not keen on cleaning up dirt and debris all day long there are some ways that you can prevent some of that from happening.

Green Co Carpet Cleaning Lists Ways to Stop Your Carpets From Getting Dirty this Summer

Shoes Off of Carpet: This is not a new way to stop dirt but it is a great idea to use at least in the summer months. The summer months tend to bring more and more foot traffic that can bring in more dirt and debris from outside. The summer might also mean more visitors over to your house who may not know what your rules are. It is a great idea to have a place where your guests can leave their shoes when they come over. A large plastic bin is a great way to do that. Have one sitting outside your front door or in your entry way. The bin can be somewhere for people to leave their shoes while they come in the house to visit. You can also use a sign that asks your guests to remove their shoes so they know what the purpose of the bin is.
Vacuum Carpet: You don’t want to have to clean more often in the summer due to the amount of traffic that you are sure to find. Although removing your shoes is a great way to avoid some of the unwanted chores you still have to keep up on one of them. Be sure you use your vacuum cleaner on a regular basis. The vacuum will be able to go over the carpet and rugs and remove the dirt and debris that still will make it in the house. You don’t want to leave the dirt on the carpet for days because it will get ground in the carpet and could start to cause some damage to the carpet and rug fibers. It is best to run the vacuum at the end of each day.
Utilize Runner Rugs: Lastly you want to have a place for feet and paws to wipe when they come inside. Even if you are wanting people to remove their shoes there are still those that might not. That is part of the reason you want to have your entry doors covered with a rug. The rug is a great way to wipe off dirt from being outside and that also includes pets as well.

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