How to Clean & Get Red, Orange & Blue Gatorade Sport Drink Stains Out of Carpet in Los Angeles, CA

With the summer in full effect the weather has risen. The heat is hard on a person and they often times will sweat more and that means they are losing electrolytes. These electrolytes are essential to the health of your body. When you lose too much you need to reestablish the amount and the best way to do that is to drink a sports drink. They are packed full of the needed minerals and that is why it is a drink that is used often by someone that is participating in sports. The drinks are usually a loud neon color and if they are spilled on your carpet it can be a real pain to remove. The process to remove these spills is important and you need to do it right to get it all out.

Green Co Carpet Cleaning Explains The Best Process to Remove Sports Drink Spills From Your Carpet

Blot Drink Stains from Carpet: As with just about any other stain you want to be sure that you stay away from rubbing it in. This can send the spill deeper in the carpet and will spread it further out. You might think that scrubbing feverishly is the way to go but you really need to stay away from this. The best thing that you can do is to get a nice white cloth that you don’t care about. This is the best way to remove the spill without transferring the color of the cloth to the carpet. Use your white cloth to not scrub but DAB at the area that has been spilled on. This has a dual purpose because it will pull the excess moisture from the spill and stop the spreading of the stain. You may need to use several cloths to get the moisture out depending on the amount that was spilled.
Make an Alkaline Cleaning Solution: When you are ready to get the stain worked out and the moisture is gone you need to make a cleaner. The cleaner should be an alkaline detergent so that the color of the stain is able to come out. You can achieve this by using about a quart of nice warm water with a tablespoon of dishwashing soap. You want to use only liquid dishwashing soap and never adjust the ratio in the cleaning solution. You can easily remake the solution over and over when you need it. The ratio is a perfect mix to remove the stain but not cause a reaction with the carpet fibers. After you have checked that the cleaner is safe for your carpet you want to apply a dose to the stain and continue with your dabbing technique. You can reapply the cleaner again if the stain is still on the carpet.

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After you have done some stain removal you need to be sure that you have your carpet cleaned professionally. It will help with removing stains and cleaning the rest of the carpet to keep them uniformly clean. Green Co Carpet Cleaning specializes in carpet cleaning and stain removal services.

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