How to Clean Your Vacuum Filter, Brush, Hose, Bagless Canister & More in Woodland Hills, CA

Daily vacuuming is one of the primary maintenance that should be done on your carpets. It impedes the deterioration process, improves the indoor air quality, keeps the carpet’s appearance pristine, and keeps the carpet in optimal condition. If your vacuum is not operating at full efficiency however, then your carpets are not getting clean to its full potential. Over time the vacuum’s performance can dwindle when the vacuum’s inner workings are inflicted with excessive dust and debris. Ensuring your vacuum is routinely cleaned will only enhance the cleanliness of your carpets. Considering that, we at Green Co Carpet Cleaning would like to take the opportunity to relate a method and some advice on how to clean a bag-less vacuum.

1) Collect Tools to Clean Vacuum Cleaner:
– Vacuum’s Manual
– Screwdriver
– Scissors
– New Filter
– Dust Cloth
– Sink Filled with Warm Soapy Water
– Compressed Air
2) Disassemble the Vacuum: Break down the vacuum accordingly, and remove all the removable components of your vacuum cleaner that includes; the secondary cyclone piece, the dust bin, all attachment accessories, HEPA post-motor filter, the pre-motor filter, and roller, and other such pieces.
3) Wash and Dry the Removable Pieces: Check with the manual before submerging any pieces in the soapy water to ensure none of the pieces will be compromised. Generally, the vacuum’s dust bin, secondary cyclone, extension wands, and pre-motor filter can all be washed with soap and water. The pieces that are not applicable for the soak need to be wiped clean with a dust cloth. In addition to monthly cleanings, manufactures recommend that the vacuum’s HEPA filter be replaced every 6 months. After you have completed washing all of the components, let the pieces air dry over night, or if need be longer, as they all need to be completely dry before reassembly.
4) Wipe Down the Inside Compartments: In most bag-less vacuums, the dust bin doesn’t fully seal causing the interior of the vacuum to collect dust. To effectively remove the dust, blast the areas with a can of compressed air. If you have allergies, wear a face mask and/or do it outside where the dust can spread out more quickly as the dust will explode off the vacuums surface.
5) Clean the Rotating Floor Brush: To reach the rotating floor brush, use the screwdriver to unscrew the casing. After you have removed it, use the scissors to cut loose the tangling of strings and hair from the rotating brush, and grip the debris and pull out what you can with your fingers. Be sure the cylinder is clean before you reattach it and screw the casing back together. But before you do, complete step 6.
6) Check for Clogs in Vacuum: The primary passageway of the suction path for dirt and debris is a small circular air passageway just behind the floor brush. Use a toothbrush designated for cleaning and make certain the path is free from obstruction. Be sure to clean the hose out of any existing clogs.
7) Reassemble the Vacuum: Once the parts are fully dry and the vacuum is completely clean, install the new post-motor filter at this time and reassemble. Wipe down the entire exterior of the vacuum once you have it all put together.

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