Should Carpet Be Replaced After Water Damage in Los Angeles, CA? Tips for Drying Carpet

If you have never dealt with a flood or water damage of any sort than you don’t know how hard and devastating it can be. Water is a necessary part of everyday life and is needed for us to survive. With that said there are many things in our life that when they come in contact with too much water are damaged. The water can soak in and when left to stand, will allow mildew and mold to grow. Water damage is a problem that needs to be cleaned by a professional to ensure that all the water has been extracted and any potential dangers removed. One area that seems hopeless when it becomes flooded are the carpets in your home. The carpet is a textile that is laying on top of padding that works just like a sponge to contain the water.

Green Co Carpet Cleaning Offers Tips When Your Carpets Have Experienced Water Damage

Level of Contaminated Water: When you call a professional about cleaning up after water damage they will need some details. They will need to know what level of water you are dealing with. There are two different areas of concern. First they need to know how much water and if there is standing water in the area. This is important so they know what amount of water will need to be extracted. The other level has to do with the type of water that flooded the house. They each have a particular level of contamination that needs to be addressed. The cleanest water will come from a fresh water pipe that has burst such as under a sink. Another level is water that comes in from a flood or rain water. The worst type is from water that is backing up from the sewer that has excrement in it. They need to be cleaned as well as sanitized. Make sure you know what is involved when you contact a water damage restoration company.
Get Ready for Carpet Cleaners to Arrive: When you make an appointment for a company to come out and treat your home for water damage you need to be prepared. One way to do that is to get your personal belongings that you want to salvage and start drying them out. The more that you can move out of the way the faster the process will go which is pertinent to dealing with water damage.
Water Damage Restoration Process: The first step that will happen when we come out is to extract the water. This can be done in any area that has standing water or is saturated. We will use specialized truck mounted equipment that sucks up the water and leaves it ready for drying. Then the carpets are dried with fans and other structural drying equipment. After the carpets are dried we will clean and deodorize them.

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