Carpet Ripples After Failed DIY Cleaning in Los Angeles, CA? Excess Moisture & More

Does your carpet have bumps or ripples running through it? Most scratch their heads as to why the carpet developed these ripples or bumps throughout their carpets. There are actually several causes for those annoying ripples in our carpets. Green Co Carpet Cleaning will share the different causes of carpet rippling; why it occurs, and most important of all, what can be done when ripples occur on your carpets.

Moisture from Humidity Causes Carpet to Ripple

The first culprit to blame when carpets buckle or ripple is usually due to humidity. Humidity is especially high in the coastal states where the temperatures remain the same all year around. Being near the coast also contributes to the humidity. When moisture penetrates the carpet, it causes the carpet to expand or swell and when it relaxes the carpet becomes somewhat stretched out and leaves behind the ripples.

Moving Heavy Items Causes Carpet Wrinkles

Another good way to cause carpets to bunch up and ripple is dragging heavy items such as furniture across the carpet. Not only does it stretch the carpet out, it also can pull the edges or seams of the carpet apart. That is why it is best to either lift heavy items or use a hand cart to wheel and move those heavy items from one place to another.

Carpet Bubbling Up Due to Poor Installation

When carpet is poorly installed. The carpet needs to be stretched tightly and held in place by the strips along the edges of the wall. When the carpet is either not stretched tightly or secured to the strips correctly, the carpet will ripple and buckle.

Wrong Carpet Underpad Causes Bulging

Surprisingly, even using the wrong kind of under padding can cause the carpet to buckle or bunch together. If the pad is too thin it will give room for the carpet to become stretched out or loosen. The padding needs to be thick enough to keep the carpet tight to prevent the carpet from loosening which causes the ripples.

Water Exposure Causes Carpet Buckling

If the carpet becomes saturated with water or any other kind of liquid, the carpet can become stretched out easily. Carpet can be exposed to water from a leak or even from steam cleaning carpets improperly. For those who don’t know how to properly steam clean carpet or lack the equipment to remove most of the moisture trapped within the carpet, it will cause the carpet to stretch out and ripple.

Professional Carpet Cleaning & More in Sherman Oaks, Valley Village, Woodland Hills & Greater Los Angeles California

Keep in mind, ripples are often caused when amateurs attempt to clean their carpet with a steam cleaner using water that’s too hot, not completing proper water extraction techniques, or using the wrong equipment. It is always better to use a professional carpet cleaner than to cause carpet to ripple and thereby having extra cost for recovering your carpets. For a professional carpet cleaning and to avoid future rippling, contact Green Co Carpet Cleaning today for your deep carpet cleaning.

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