Difference Between Steam Cleaning & Shampooing Carpet Methods in Sherman Oaks, CA

Steam cleaning and shampoo cleaning are two very popular choices when it comes to carpet cleaning. Both are extremely effective in removing soiling from your carpet, but is one better than the other? Green Co Carpet Cleaning is here to compare the two and let you choose which one you think is better.

Myths About Steam and Shampoo Carpet Cleaning

There are many misconceptions about both steam and shampoo carpet cleaning methods. When it comes to steam, many people are worried that their carpet will be too wet with all the steam and water that is used. When you have your carpet steam cleaned, they will actually dry in about the same amount of time as shampoo methods. A common misconception about shampooing your carpets is that this method will damage your carpet fibers by grinding dirt into them. Actually, when using this method, the spinning brushes can be beneficial is loosening the dirt in the fibers to remove it.

How Does Steam Cleaning Work on Carpets?

When you have your carpet steam cleaned, it’s done with the use of a powerful vacuum and pump system. This is much more portable than a shampoo buffing machine in cleaning your carpets. Solution is released from the vacuum wand as then almost immediately extracted again from the carpeting.

How Does Carpet Shampooing Work?

Having our carpet shampooed is quite different than having it steam cleaned. A big buffing machine is used to release carpet cleaning solution and large brushes move around as the vacuum extracts the solution from your carpeting.

Carpet Shampooing Benefits

When you work in a place like a restaurant or have areas that have heavy soiling, the brushes used in a shampooing buffer can be beneficial in removing them.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning Your Carpet

Steam cleaning is a great method for cleaning wall to wall areas. It efficiently removes heavy soiling as well as cleans the fibers to remove dirt and debris from your carpeting. It is also much more transportable and doesn’t require the use of a large bulky machine but a handheld wand that easily moves around your home.

Dry Carpets After Cleaning

When you have your carpets professionally cleaned, you can count on it taking 12 to 24 hours to fully dry. If the area is well ventilated, it may take less time and drying time depends greatly on the carpet pile. When you have thinner carpet pile or shorter carpet pile, you may see quicker drying time than long, thick carpet pile.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Services in Sherman Oaks, Valley Village, Woodland Hills & Greater Los Angeles, California

At Green Co Carpet Cleaning, we offer steam cleaning to keep your carpets clean. It is important to have your carpeting cleaned by our knowledgeable carpet cleaning technicians twice a year to properly maintain your carpet. Removing damaging dirt and debris is key in extending the life of your carpet. Even when your carpet doesn’t look dirty, there is fine dirt and soiling that has settled and needs to be removed. Call us today for more information on our steam cleaning methods.

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