How to Get Car, Bike Axle, Cooking & Other Grease Stains Out of Carpet in Valley Village, CA

You know if you have kids, or even if you don’t, you are going to be dealing with stains on your carpets. The carpet is all over the main living area and it is bound to happen that someone will drop their food or other substance on the floor. You need to clean the spots in a particular way depending on the spill. One of the spills that seems to be near impossible to clean off the carpet and other textiles is grease. There are several kinds of grease that you may end up getting in your carpet and it can be from food such as pizza or outdoor parts like from a car or bike. These grease stains are a real problem to get out if you just go about it the way you would any other spot. You need to treat it a particular way if you want any hope of getting the grease out and saving your carpet. If you treat any kind of stain with the wrong method you can actually end up setting the stain as opposed to cleaning it. You can always call a carpet cleaning professional that has the ability to pre-treat and remove the stain for you. It is always best to treat the spot quickly so you may want a plan and method that you know should work.

Green Co Carpet Cleaning Outlines Steps to Remove Grease Stains From Your Carpet

Remove Excess Black Grease from Carpet: Like many stains you need to be sure you start by removing as much of the excess grease as you can. This is so that when you start cleaning the stain it does not spread any further. You can do this by picking up any pieces that are hard and dabbing away the liquid that is laying on the top. This may need to be done in levels and changing out the cloth occasionally.
Absorb What Grease You Can from Carpet: The next step is to work on getting a product that can remove and absorb as much of the grease as you can. This is a process that is used on removing grease from driveways and out of water. You need to have something that will help absorb and pull the grease from the carpeting or fabric. You can use cornstarch or baking soda which is to be placed over the area and left to sit for several minutes. This will act to absorb the liquid from the carpet and allow you to remove that material along with the grease. Then you can use a brush to break up the material that has soaked up the grease. You can remove the product with a vacuum or a cloth.
Use a Carpet Cleaning Solution: The next step is to use a dry spotter to treat the area that is remaining. You can make a great dry spotter solution by mixing eight parts of a dry cleaning product with one part of coconut or mineral oil. Use this cleaner to remove the grease stain with a sponge. Then you want to dab up the solvent and grease. You may need to repeat this part of the process several times to get the stain all the way out.

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