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How to Clean, Protect & Extend the Life of Carpet in High Traffic Areas in Your Valley Village, CA; Vacuum, Rotate Furniture & More

Investing in quality carpeting is always ideal for your home. Carpets can influence the style of any room. If your carpets look dingy and tattered, no matter how pristine the rest of the room is, the carpets bring down the aesthetics. Not wanting to replace carpeting too soon is a goal for most homeowners. With…

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Benefits of Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning in Los Angeles, CA; Tile Longevity, Expertise of Tile Cleaners & More

Many homes and businesses have come to use tile and grout through many areas of the home or building. It is easily maintained and very durable while still adding style and design. More often than not, tile and grout can be found in bathrooms and kitchens. Some folks are quite diligent about regular maintenance schedules…

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Parvo Carpet Cleaning Protocol in Woodland Hills, CA; What Kills Parvo Virus & How Long Does it Stay on Carpet?

The Parvo Virus is a life threatening virus that affects canines only. It strikes quickly and often leaves its mark all over your home. You may have already noticed you dear best friend acting lethargic and not interested in eating or drinking. These are the first signs of Parvo. Next they will become nauseous and…

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Pet Stain & Odor Removal in Sherman Oaks, CA; Best Carpet Cleaner for Old Dog & Cat Pet Urine Accidents

Man’s best friend, a loyal companion, fur babies, family; all these apply to the pets we so lovingly cherish. They are spoiled beyond measure and treated with affection. Which is why it is so soul crushing when they have an accident on our carpets. Sometimes our little four-legged friends don’t make it to the designated…

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