How to Clean & Care for Area Rugs in Sherman Oaks, CA; Vacuum, Comb Rug Fringe, Rotate & Professional Cleaning

One of the most common ways to decorate a room is to go out and get an area rug. There are all kids of rugs to choose from like Oriental Rugs, Persian Rugs and all styles, colors, patters and sizes they come in. The rugs are a great addition to any room and can add some style to your home. They are used in rooms that are tile, concrete, stone, hardwood and even carpet. A rug shows off some elegance and brings out your own personal style as well. Many of the rugs that you will end up purchasing are going to cost a good amount of money. If you don’t take good care of them they will not last and you will end up needing a new one. Most people understand the importance of having your carpets cared for and cleaned. They know they need to treat stains and use a professional to treat odors, stains and high traffic areas. When it comes to rugs they usually roll them up and put them out of the way to have the carpets cleaned. That is a terrible mistake and if you want the rugs to last you need to take great care of them!

Green Co Air Duct Cleaning Lists Ways to Help Care For & Clean Your Rugs

Should I Vacuum Everyday?: You never want to skip vacuuming your rugs. Many people will roll up the rugs and run the vacuum. The problem is that the rugs are full of dirt and dust and when you roll them up you are taking that with you. The dirt is then free to be spread over the rest of the house and that will cause the rest of the floor to get dirty faster. The rugs needs to be vacuumed regularly so each time you are running the vacuum make sure that you use it on the vacuum as well. Some vacuums have a setting for rugs or for short carpet which would be a rug. Make sure that you use the right setting so that you don’t cause unwanted damage.
Comb the Rug Fringe: It may seem silly but there are lots of rugs that have fringe around the outside of the rug. This is normally the same material that was used to make the actual rug and are added for decorative purposes. The fringe can start to tangle and that will not look great. You can use your fingers or a tool that is specifically designed for rugs to straighten the fringe out. This will help keep the rug looking good and the fringe intact.
Rotate the Rug: Just like the carpet in your home will end up with high traffic areas the same can happen to your rugs. When you allow the rug to stay in the same position it can start to get worn out in the same area. That is damage that cannot be reversed and will end up causing you to buy a new rug.
Have Rugs Cleaned Professionally: When you schedule your carpet cleaning service it is a good idea to also have the rugs cleaned at the same time. The rugs are just as dirty as the carpets if not more. You need to be sure that you have them cleaned at the same time to remove dirt and stains from the rugs.

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