How to Clean, Protect & Extend the Life of Carpet in High Traffic Areas in Your Valley Village, CA; Vacuum, Rotate Furniture & More

Investing in quality carpeting is always ideal for your home. Carpets can influence the style of any room. If your carpets look dingy and tattered, no matter how pristine the rest of the room is, the carpets bring down the aesthetics. Not wanting to replace carpeting too soon is a goal for most homeowners. With that in mind, we at Green Co Air Duct Cleaning would like to share some tips and advice on extending the projected lifespan of your carpets and keep them in optimal condition.

How to Protect & Extend the Life of Carpet in High Traffic Areas

Vacuum: Vacuuming your carpets often is crucial. Vacuuming a minimum of twice a week is recommended for low traffic areas and homes that don’t have pets or many residents. If children and/or pets are in the home vacuuming daily is ideal. Controlling the dust, dirt and other debris can minimize the penetration and compromising effects the grit and grime can easily do. Carpet looking dingy because of accumulating filth will make your carpets look unappealing and cause prematurely aging.
Vacuum maintenance: Carpets are not only subjected to routine maintenance, but the tool used to keep your carpets maintained should be routinely maintained as well. Periodically replace the bag or clean the container, check the rotating brush and remove any hair that might be wrapped around it and wipe off dust, and clean or replace the filter.
Spot clean: Contain the stains. Never allow a stain to fester. If an accident should cause a stain or a spot on the carpet; immediately treat the stain. Always follow directions on store bought cleaners and perform a patch test in an inconspicuous spot on both home remedies and store bought cleaners.
Rotate furniture: Carpet will dent or become crushed under the weight of furniture and wear will quickly be apparent in daily traffic patterns. Every 6-12 months, rotate your furniture to create new traffic patterns and avoid your carpet from the abuse of heavy furnishings. Install felt padding or something similar on the bottom of your furniture to better protect the carpet.
Reduce sunlight: Avoid direct sunlight on carpets on a long term basis. Invest in curtains, blinds, or drapes to keep the sun’s rays off your carpet. It causes fading and the carpet to dry out.
Carpet pads: Carpet padding does more for you than offer a cushion under you, high quality padding will minimize the wear and tear carpets experience.
Walk-off mats: Place walk-off mats for every entry point in your home to reduce the dirt and grit buildup. Use exterior mats that are strong and durable to withstand the elements, as well as absorbent enough to collect moisture but rough enough to knock off mud. Interior mats should also be placed at every door. Keep them small and machine washable for easy cleaning. A rubber backing will better protect the carpet from creeping. Be sure to clean both exterior and interior walk-off mats regularly. Avoid wearing shoes when walking back and forth on the carpet throughout the day.
Professional deep carpet cleaning: Carpets, looking dirty or not, should be professionally deep cleaned annually to extract the deeply rooted filth, neutralize any developing odors, and lift any spots or stains.
Stain resistant treatment: Many of the newer carpets are pre-treated with an anti-staining solution. However, after every professional deep cleaning, ask your professional if a reapplication is needed to avoid getting stubborn stains.

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