How to Clean & Remove Dried & Wet Acrylic, Latex, Gloss, Water & Oil Based Paint from Carpet in Woodland Hills, CA

When you are painting a room in your home it can seem like an easy task. Picking the color, clearing out the room and taping off the edges are a few of the necessary steps. Another important step is to cover the flooring to ensure that you keep the paint on the wall and off the carpet. That time always comes when the paint drips on the carpet and you stand there wondering what to do. Cleaning the spot can be a problem because there are many types of paint and they each require a particular amount of work and different cleaning solutions.

Green Co Carpet Cleaning Offers Tips On How to Clean Different Types of Paint Off of Carpet

How to Remove Oil Based Paint from Carpet: If you are doing any type of painting that requires oil based paint you want to use this method to clean it off your carpets. The carpet should be cleared of any excess debris before you start with any solutions. You can use rubbing alcohol and a white cloth or a cotton ball to dab at the area. Never rub back and forth because that will only spread the paint further. After you have treated rubbing alcohol you can use diluted hydrogen peroxide on the area and a clean cloth. Then apply a brick and allow to sit in place for up to one hour.
How to Remove Latex Paint from Carpet: You can scrape or pick away any excess or dried paint that you can with a butter knife or some needle nose pliers. You want to then use warm water to soak the area that ahs the paint and use a wet/dry vac to pull away as much as you can. After you have done this step you can use dish soap and water to spray on the area to continue the cleaning process. You can use a cloth to treat the area and repeat if necessary.
How to Get Acrylic Paint Off Carpet: If you have an acrylic paint stain on your carpet you should call yourself lucky. The paint is water based and is easier to clean off than other paints. You want to start with cleaning it as soon as you can. The faster you get to it the better the outcome. You can use acetone or nail polish remover and a wash cloth or a cotton ball to dab away at an excess paint. Then use dish soap and water to soak and dab away at the area until it is clean.
Getting Spray Paint Out of Carpet: Hopefully this is not what you are using in your home but some people paint custom murals using spray paint. Some people try to WD-40 which is used in garages and for home improvements. You can spray the spot and use a cloth to clean it off. You can then follow up with laundry soap and water to clean the rest of the area and dab away with a cloth.

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