Mattress Cleaning Myths in Los Angeles, CA; Modern Mattresses Are Dust Proof, Only Needs to Be Cleaned if Looks Dirty & More

There is an ongoing argument as to whether or not a mattress cleaning is needed. Some have heard this reason from a friend of a friend as to why they don’t need one and thus, many myths are born. It is these myths that Green Co Air Duct Cleaning would like to set straight and bring more understanding as to how often a mattress cleaning should be done and where some of these myths can lead people to believe that your mattresses don’t need professional cleaning.

Mattress Cleaning Myths

Myth 1 – Many will rave about how there are dust mites in your bed, but now modern mattresses are dust proof. Most modern mattresses are now designed with a protective cover that prevents dust mites. Although professional mattress cleaners state how they can kill the dust mites in your mattress, these new and improved dust mite proof mattresses mean you no longer need professional mattress cleaning. However overtime the protective cover will wear off and eventually dust mites will move in. Remember you spend a third of your life sleeping and you do shed skin when you sleep. Where there is dead skin, there will be dust mites.
Myth 2 – Another myth is that all you need to clean your mattresses is water and carpet shampoo. This is not so. Mattresses are made with much different fabrics than what carpets are made of and require their own cleaning solution. Most mattresses will have a tag stating which type of cleaning agent is best to be used to clean the type of material and fabric of the mattress you own.
Myth 3 – Another adorable myth is that if you use a mattress cover, your mattress stays clean and never needs to be cleaned. Well it helps reduce the need but doesn’t completely prevent dirt, sweat and other problems that need to be addressed with a professional cleaning. However you can probably go longer in-between professional mattress cleanings.
Myth 4 – Many will say my mattress looks clean so I don’t need to have it professionally cleaned until it looks dirty. Yes, sometimes your mattress still looks clean and its appearance may make you think you don’t need to clean it. However, does it emit any odors? How long, if ever, has it been since you’ve had it cleaned? Mattresses absorb sweat, dirt, and dead skin under its fibers and trap them inside the mattress. Even though it may look clean on the surface, the interior of the mattress will tell you something different.
Myth 5 – Many will say a professional mattress cleaner isn’t needed. Despite what you hear, you should vacuum every month and every six months steam clean your mattresses. This will help extend your time before a professional mattress cleaner is required. However, eventually you will need one, why? Commercial vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners do a great job cleaning the surface, but they lack the ability to penetrate deep into the mattress. This means the interior part of your mattress will continue to build up dirt, dead skin, sweat, and dust mites. When using a professional, we bring the necessary cleaning agents and equipment to clean your mattresses far more effectively.

Mattress Cleaning & More in Sherman Oaks, Valley Village, Woodland Hills & Greater Los Angeles, California

Green Co Air Duct Cleaning wants folks to understand that some of these ideas about mattress cleaning have spawned from sources that in many cases are not true. A thorough mattress cleaning can and does improve on your health and comfort. If you need your mattresses professionally cleaned, Green Co Air Duct Cleaning can help you. Contact us today to schedule your mattress cleaning.

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