What’s In Your Air Ducts & How Often Should You Hire a Professional for Air Duct Cleaning in Los Angeles, CA

Air duct cleaning is one of those out of sight out of mind kind of things. Most home and business owners often overlook air duct cleaning for many years. Most don’t realize that there might be a problem. However, air ducts that go a long time in-between cleaning develop some serious filth. Most will prefer not to know what is inside their air ducts and who can blame them? If people knew what can and often develops inside, it would make their skin crawl. Green Co Air Duct Cleaning would like to enlighten you as to what may be lurking inside your air ducts.

Molds, Mildews & Fungus in Air Ducts

Molds, mildews and fungus often grow within our air ducts. The dark, musty climate that air ducts provide, especially those around kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms, develop a lot of hot moisture that gets sucked up into the vent of the air duct systems. The main problem that occurs is when your air conditioning or heating unit is running. As the cool or warm air blows through, this will break up and release spores from the molds and fungus. As the spores become airborne, you and your family will breathe it all in. This isn’t just a problem for those with allergies but those who have respiratory problems as well. These individuals will suffer greatly from these spores.

Mice & Pests in Dirty Air Ducts

Pests often make their way into our homes and buildings through the ventilation systems. Your air duct is a passage way for pests like cockroaches and spiders to travel around your home. A spider web isn’t the worst problem. All spider webs do is capture dirt and dust that you will later breathe in. The worst problem is the cockroaches. Cockroaches shed skin, poop and leave behind diseases in your air ducts. Their skin flakes and feces can and do become airborne as the air passes through your air ducts and out into your home. Cockroaches quite often are drawn to dark, moist areas, which means your air ducts are a perfect place. This is why air ducts are often home for many pests. Your next big pest problem is mice. Mice will feed on the insects that make their way into the air duct. Mice will leave behind feces as they travel through the air duct system. Yep, and you breathe it all in.

Dust, Pollen & Mites in Air Ducts

The dust that builds up inside your air duct is mostly shed human skin and hair. Because of this fact, the dust in your air duct is crawling with dust mites. This is a leading cause of allergies in homes. This dust and dirt will continue to build up creating air flow problems. In addition, your energy efficiency will drop.

Air Duct Cleaning Services in Sherman Oaks, Valley Village, Woodland Hills & Greater Los Angeles, California

There are many reasons why it’s important to have your air ducts cleaned regularly. Improving air quality is one of them. Those with asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems will greatly benefit from regular air duct cleaning. Green Co Air Duct Cleaning has shared but a few of the well known problems that are found in air ducts. Don’t allow your air to be contaminated by what lurks inside your air ducts any longer. If your air ducts are due for some serious cleaning, contact Green Co Air Duct Cleaning today and schedule your homes air duct cleaning.

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