Parvo Carpet Cleaning Protocol in Woodland Hills, CA; What Kills Parvo Virus & How Long Does it Stay on Carpet?

The Parvo Virus is a life threatening virus that affects canines only. It strikes quickly and often leaves its mark all over your home. You may have already noticed you dear best friend acting lethargic and not interested in eating or drinking. These are the first signs of Parvo. Next they will become nauseous and begin to vomit and have diarrhea, which is the next stage of the Parvo Virus. Hopefully you have taken you canine companion to your veterinarian where they will undergo days of treatment. At this point, your vet will have told you that while your dog recovers, you will need to disinfect your home and yard to prevent recontamination. It is this part where Green Co Carpet Cleaning would like to help you.

Prevent the Spread of Parvo Virus

If you have another dog at home with you, have them tested immediately for Parvo. They too may need treatment and the sooner the better. If your other dog passed the tests without traces of the virus, have a family member or friend house your dog until you have completely disinfected your home. Parvo Virus is extremely contagious. Don’t risk another sick pet. Also make sure that whoever is babysitting your dog while you clean the house that they too don’t have any dogs in their home as well.

Parvo Disinfectant Spray to Kill this Virus

Parvo is spread through an infected dog’s feces and some suggest even their saliva. But as a good rule to follow, whatever space an infected dog occupied, that area needs to be disinfected. If accidents occurred inside the home such as carpets, upholstery or rugs, this will become the most difficult item to disinfect. But we will start with the easiest task first. Try to get your hand on a pump spray like the ones used to spray pesticides or poisons on garden weeds. Create a mixture of one part bleach to ten parts water. Use the pump sprayer and thoroughly canvas your entire back and even front yards or whatever area your dog has access to. Their favorite potty spots should be deeply sprayed to ensure you kill any Parvo that might be in your yard. Don’t worry about plants or grass. The bleach is diluted heavily enough to prevent any damage. Parvo thrives in the outdoor environments so make sure you are thorough.

How Long Can Parvo Live in a House

After you have finished disinfecting outdoors, you must disinfect the inside of the home. Hard surfaces that the infected dog came in contact with can be disinfected with bleach as well. However, you will need to change your tactics up when it come to upholstery, rugs, or carpet. As many know, the bleach can eat away some fabric and discolor it. If your infected dog had an accident on your rug or carpet, etc. your will need to clean the stains and disinfect them as well. According to experts, parvo can live in the environment for six months to one year!

Carpet Cleaner that Kills Parvo

This part of the job works well with a steam cleaner. You can rent or buy–the choice is yours. You will first want to remove anything that might be on the surface of the carpet, rugs, or upholstery. Start by using warm water and clean the entire area first. Again this will remove the virus left on the surface. For the stains, mix together hydrogen peroxide with baking soda. You can pour this directly on the stain caused by vomit or diarrhea as well as mix with water inside the carpet steamer. Again, steam clean the entire area. This should remove much of the stains. Then use a cleaner that is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to kill parvovirus. One that works well is SNiPER and is safe on fabrics. Follow the directions. You can also add it to your steamer as well. This will disinfect your carpets, upholstery, and rug of the Parvo virus.

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It is never an easy time to see your best friend so sick and fighting for life. Remember to keep your pet current on their vaccinations to help protect them from this nasty virus. We hope we were able to help you know how to disinfect your home to make ready for your companion’s return. For all of your carpet cleaning needs and more, contact Green Co Carpet Cleaning today.

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