Drying & Cleaning Carpet after a Flood or Water Damage Emergency in Calabasas, CA

Many homeowners hope to save their carpets that have been exposed to water damage. However, the source of the water depends greatly on whether or not carpet should be saved, dried, or completely removed. Green Co Carpet Cleaning will share what the color of the water means when it comes to your carpets and how to properly dry your carpet after a flood.

Was Carpet Damaged By Clean or Polluted Water?

Grey Water – Grey colored water comes typically from ground water. The gray, murky color indicates there are contaminates inside the water. Some examples of indoor ground water can be from a washer hose, or perhaps even a sump pump is backed up and is forced back up. The bacteria found in gray water versus clear water is almost triple the amount. If the water has time to set, the grey color can appear clear since the contaminates have settled to the bottom. It is important to make sure the water isn’t gray or murky. It is not recommend to recover carpet that has been exposed to so many contaminates.
Black Water – If gray water isn’t a good idea when it comes to recovering carpets, then black water isn’t a good idea either. Black water found inside a home usually comes from sewage water. Black water is full of bacteria and contaminate that you don’t want in your home. If the water is black, remove the carpet and other affected items as well. If your home has been flooded with black water, it is strongly suggested to contact a professional water damage restoration company right away.
Clear Water – Clear water is typically a leak from your home plumbing or is otherwise known as potable water. Potable water is clean tap water that comes from your home’s water tank or city lines. In most cases, the level of contaminates are low and carpet can be recovered. However it also depends on the severity of the flooding as well and how quickly you dry and treat your carpet. Once carpet has been flooded, the clock is ticking as to whether or not you can recover your carpet.

Water Damage Process After a Flood or Water Disaster Emergency

First you will want to remove the water as fast as you can. If you happen to have a basement in California and the flooding occurred there and is a few inches deep, you will need to rent a pump. If the flooding is minimal you can rent or use a shop vac or also known as a wet vac to begin sucking the water out of the carpet. Use industrial fans in you have access to them and turn on all the lights in the room and leave them on until the carpet and padding is completely dry. Light can help prevent mildew and mold growth during this process. Carpet then will need to be removed to be reinstalled later. Remove the padding in any flooding scenario it is always a good idea to remove the padding and start fresh. Re-install new carpet padding. However, it’s a good idea to clean the sub flooring with bleach first to prevent any mold growth. Replace the padding and re-install the carpet only if it is fully dried. During this process you may want to open windows for air ventilation to help dry everything in the room.

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It is always recommended that you contact a professional flood damage restoration team to help treat and recover carpets in your home. Mold growth can easily occur within 24 hours of exposure. It is critical to have your carpet treated properly to prevent hazardous living conditions. If you need help recovering your carpets after a flood, contact Green Co Carpet Cleaning today.

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