Hardwood Floor Care Guide in Sherman Oaks, CA; Routine Cleaning Maintenance Tips

Hardwood floors are a beautiful option for any kind of interior design style. Whether you have had wood floors in your home for years, or new to the application, we at Green Co Carpet Cleaning would like to share some important basics concerning the care and maintenance of your hardwood floors.

Routine Hardwood Floor Maintenance

The overall condition, longevity and durability of your hardwood floors rely heavily on the routine maintenance you provide.
1) Dirt, dust, and particles that accumulate daily on the surface of your wood floors are abrasive in nature. As you walk back and forth, the friction is created, resulting in wear causing the finish to deplete and the scuffs and scratches to develop. Keeping the debris off the wood floor on a daily basis is essential. You have options to remove the collected soil and debris; a dust mop, soft-bristle broom, or a vacuum designed for hard surfaces or the option for the bare floor setting.
2) In the event you need to clean any spots or sticky residues, use a clean damp microfiber cloth from only water and wipe away the mess, immediately follow up with a dry microfiber cloth.
3) When you need to revitalize the floor or clean more serious buildup, only use cleaners and aids that are targeted specifically to the type of wood floor and finish you have.

Preventive Measures to Keep Hardwood Floors Looking Great

Hardwood floors are susceptible to damage from moisture and abrasive materials. Just as the maintenance is important, avoiding the elements that can ruin your wood floors is crucial.
1) To avoid potential damage, don’t wear spiked shoes on the floor such as high heel shoes and cleats for example.
2) Keep your pet regularly shampooed and nails trim to avoid them bringing in soil, moisture, and scuff and scratch the floor with long nails.
3) To avoid the wood floor from shrinkage, keep your home’s humidity levels between 35% and 55%.
4) Moisture of any kind is especially forbidden on your wood floors. Whenever any kind of liquid or substance with moisture in it makes contact with the floors, be sure to use your dry microfiber cloth to quickly wipe them up. A number of water damage symptoms can happen by allowing moist spills to linger for even a short while.
5) The sun’s rays can cause your wood floor to dry out and the color of the finish to fade. During the peak sunlight hours flooding through the windows, keep it blocked with closed blinds, curtains, or drapes. UV film treatments can also be a good investment to preserve your wood floor.
6) Walk-off mats, area rugs, and runners should be strategically placed around the entry points and areas where there is a lot of foot traffic. They can help contain a lot of the moisture and debris and protect the floor from sunlight as well. Be sure to vacuum them daily if possible and vacuum the backside weekly.

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