Old Carpet & Respiratory Problems in Beverly Hills, CA; Is Your Dirty Carpet Bad for You?

Carpets have been in use for centuries, in fact historians have dated carpets back as far as 2000 years ago. Obviously your carpets are not that old but if you happen to have carpeting and area rugs in your home or office you are probably concerned about keeping them clean and according to the knowledgeable experts at Green Co Carpet Cleaning, you should be because despite their appearance the truth is your carpets could be making you and your family members sick. Most home and business owners are unaware that their carpets have the capacity to accumulate up to 40lbs of dirt and other types of debris on an annual basis. Since your carpet acts like a filter, most homes contain twice the amount of dust inside compared to the air outside.

Health Hazards of Old, Dirty Carpet

Your carpet can trap thousands of dangerous germs that can make you sick. In fact viruses, including the Norovirus which has been associated with the stomach flu have the capacity to survive on a dirty carpet for over a month or more. Even if you vacuum daily you do little more than blow dirty air into your home environment. Recent studies have found that your vacuum cleaner is one of the items within your home that carries a large number of germs and allergens. If you notice any unpleasant or musty odor around your home or business it could indicate that you have a mold problem. Mold can thrive under your carpets and has the potential to cause serious health issues. If you suspect that you have a mold problem you should contact a mold remediation expert to take the necessary steps to take care of your family’s health and well being.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Help Keep Your Carpets Germ Free

There are many benefits to installing carpets in your home or business and all it takes is some professional care and maintenance to keep them clean and free of germs. If your current vacuum is an older model consider replacing it with a newer model that is equipped with a HEPA filter system. According to the professionals at Green Co Carpet Cleaning, you should vacuum your carpet at least twice per week or more especially if you own pets. Along with regularly maintaining your carpets, you should schedule your Green Co Carpet Cleaning services every 12 months to keep your carpets free of dirt, debris, allergens, and germs. Utilizing a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service is a great way to identify any hazards that could be potentially hiding in your home’s environment.

Carpet Steam Cleaning & More in Sherman Oaks, Valley Village, Woodland Hills & Greater Los Angeles, California

Even if your carpets look clean, they could still be harboring dirt, bacteria, pet dander, and other irritants. When you breathe in dirty air it can cause respiratory issues, skin problems and other health concerns. Professional carpet cleaning services can stop the accumulation of irritants and germs to keep you and your family happy and healthy. For more information regarding professional carpet cleaning services for your home or business, contact the knowledgeable experts at Green Co Carpet Cleaning today.

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