Does Shampooing Carpets Ruin Them & Other Carpet Cleaning Myths in Los Angeles, CA

When it comes to asking for advice everyone seems to have an opinion. If you need anything from a good place to eat out to a doctor your friends are all willing to tell you what they think. The same is true when it comes to cleaning. Cleaning your carpets specifically often get a bad rap and the reasons are not even justified. The myths that people have when it comes to carpet cleaning may be old news or never really been a problem in the first place. Your carpets are a huge part of your home and when you have to replace them prematurely it can be a real problem. It is a problem for your wallet as well as uprooting your life as well. That is why it is best to know what advice to take and what to avoid when you are looking at cleaning your carpets.

Green Co Carpet Cleaning Dubunks Common Carpet Cleaning Myths

Does Carpet Cleaning Create Mold?: There is a common misconception that when you have your carpets cleaned that there is moisture that is left behind. This moisture then leads to the growth of mold and mildew. These are two things that everyone knows is bad for your health and you want to be sure that you avoid them. Then problem is that carpet cleaning does not cause mold and mildew to grow. The equipment that is used has the ability to remove any moisture and water that is used on the carpets. When there is no moisture in the carpets the ability for the mold to grow does not exist. That is why this old myth is not true.
Does Carpet Look Dirtier After Cleaning?: The other common idea that people will believe about carpet cleaning is that their carpet gets dirty even faster than if they were to not have them cleaned. This is a story that has come from way back! It all started when professional carpet cleaning first began. They were not sure how much cleaning solution to use which meant that often times there was a sticky residue that was left behind. You know that if there is anything sticky every piece or dirt and debris will stick right to it. That is what happened when people were left with this residue, their carpets would get dirty fast. That is no longer a problem because the cleaning solution is not as harsh and used sparingly. They also have better and more advanced equipment to remove any remnants that may be on the carpet.
Is My Vacuum Ruining My Carpet?: It seems that there is a myth that is going around that says if you vacuum your carpets everyday they could be damaged. That is not the truth in fact vacuuming is a great way to keep the dirt and debris from getting stuck deep in the carpet fibers. The more dirt that is left on the carpet the more damage it will do. That is why it is best to vacuum as long as you have a good vacuum that is taken care of.

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