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Dogs are a such a fun part of a family. They are always there and willing to snuggle when you need them. They also can be your partner when you need some time outside or you are ready for a walk. Dogs are a pet that is chosen most over any other type of animal. They tend to be loyal and every kid wants to grow up with one in their house. Although a dog is a great addition to your house they tend to start to make messes too! Apart from just chewing your slippers and pillows and even your kids toys they bring messes onto your carpet too. The carpet in your house already takes on some major abuse from walking with shoes on and spilling your morning coffee.

Green Co Carpet Cleaning Lists Pet Accidents & Messes Dogs Leave On Your Carpet

Muddy Dog Paws: Your dog is a fun to have running through the house but maybe not so much after they were playing outdoors. They usually go outside to use the bathroom or when you take them on a walk or to play at the dog park. When they come in the house they often have dirt and mud on their paws. That means all that dirt and mud end up on your carpets. Mud and dirt has to be treated and removed from your carpet. If you leave the dirt on the carpet it can start to collapse the carpet fibers and take the fluffy feeling out of your carpets.
Dog Urine & Poop on Carpet: Puppies are one of the cutest things on the planet. You can look up cute videos of new puppies and watch videos one after the next. When you bring one home to your house they have to learn where they can and cannot use the bathroom. This makes them slightly less cute while they are having accidents in your house. These accidents are a problem for two reasons. One is that they leave a stain on the carpet that needs to be removed with a cleaning solution and method that has been tested on your carpets. The other problem with dog urine specifically is that it leaves odor behind that can stay around long after the stain has been treated. You need to find a way to neutralize the spot to help stop the odor.
Dog Hair & Dander on Carpet: Once you get a new dog you will start to notice that you have small hairs on everything you own! They will be on your clothes, upholstery and carpet that can be a problem. The pet hair and dander is a problem all year round but most of them go through stages of shedding. You want to make sure that you keep up with your vacuuming. This is the best way to remove the hair and dander that is on the surface. You want to be sure that you also have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis to get the deeper set in hair, dander and more.

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