Avoid Chemical Carpet Spotters with No Extractors for Stain Removal in Woodland Hills, CA

Nearly impossible to avoid, spilling substances on carpets is a part of life. Common blemishes include the trekked in mud, spilled beverages, or even the occasion pet accident. No matter what befalls your carpet, we at Green Co Carpet Cleaning are urging homeowners to avoid grabbing the carpet spotters. These products often make more of problem than they solve and today we would like to expound on why you should stay clear of carpet spotters.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Spotter Kits Need an Extractor

In order for these products to be 100% effective, they are supposed to be used alongside of extraction equipment. To remove the compacted soil deep below the surface, carpet spotters are made with soap to loosen the dirt and debris and help lift it out. Carpet stains are born with these spotters because of the soap residues left behind the instantly magnetize the dirt and dust. People tend to spray the carpet spotter onto the stain and use a cloth to scrub the inflicted area until they are satisfied the stain is fully cleared. The soap scum left behind, unfortunately after a short while will develop brownish stains as the dirt builds up on the soap residue.

A Vacuum is NOT Good at Water & Carpet Cleaner Extraction

Do not use carpet spotters if after you read the label it notes something along the lines of “apply to spot before extraction cleaning”. This is indicating that this product is to be used in tandem with high-powered steamers or extraction vacuums in order full it to be completely effective. A standard vacuum is not exceptional extraction equipment, and if you try to use one, it will make the carpets filthier and possibly ruin your vacuum cleaner. Without proper training and access to an efficient steamer or extraction equipment, it is best for you and your carpet if you let the professionals handle this depth of cleaning.

Homemade Carpet Spotter

Avoid the carpet spotters and to remove the spots that occur on your carpet, treat them immediately with equal parts white vinegar and water. This mixture can be prepared and stored with your cleaning supplies so it is there when you need to promptly treat the carpet spills. White vinegar is safe to use on carpets, is non-toxic, and can cut through most stains. The best part of the vinegar is that it is not soap, and therefore, will not leave behind any soap residue and the undesirable affects it creates. Do not over saturate, but liberally spray the solution onto the spot in question. Using a dampen cloth, blot up the stain; repeat until spot is dissipated. To ensure the moisture is pulled from the carpets, once the stain is demolished, use a clean, dry towel to absorb the remaining moisture.

Professional Carpet Cleaning, Stain Removal & More in Sherman Oaks, Valley Village, Woodland Hills & Greater Los Angeles, California

Dealing with the stubborn stains can be hard, especially if they had a chance to set into the fibers. If the solution is not doing the trick, call in the experts of Green Co Carpet Cleaning and let our seasoned professionals get your tough stains out. We use high-end powerful equipment and quality products that lift dirt, remove stains, and neutralize odors without leaving the unwanted residues behind. Contact us today.

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