Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Winter in Bel Air, CA; Clean Lower Floors of Building First & More

The winter months can wreak havoc on commercial carpets with all the dirt and mud that will get tracked onto it. How can you protect carpets throughout the winter?

Carpet Cleaning & Care for Your Business this Winter

1. Outside dirt needs to be kept outside– The soil and moisture that gets onto carpet comes from people that are walking into a building. To stop this from happening, it’s important to keep building exteriors clean so dirt doesn’t collect there and get tracked inside.
2. Use door mats & keep carpets clean– Mats placed at entrances need to be at least 12-15 feet long to absorb any dirt and moisture before it gets tracked onto the carpet inside the building.
3. Use an efficient vacuum cleaner– Vacuum cleaners that are efficient are imperative to maintain good carpet care. They should have HEPA filters to maintain indoor air quality, so everyone will stay healthy.
4. Vacuum more often– If you vacuum more often you will be cleaning less. Removing dirt from high-traffic areas more frequently will remove dry soil, so it won’t become airborne inside the building where it will cover desks, cabinets and other surfaces.
5. Clean lower floors first– If more attention is paid to lower floors then it will be harder for dirt to get tracked to the upper floors.
6. Carpet stairs & elevators– Stairs and elevators are the first areas to collect dirt from outside. When these areas are carpeted, vacuuming will keep dirt from moving around the building.
7. Maintain a carept spot and stain removal program– Clean spots up as soon as they appear and keep up with the buildup of dirt and mud. Carpets will need to be cleaned more often depending on rainfall.
8. Pre-spray first, then groom carpet– Any areas that are visibly dirty need to be pre-sprayed and then groomed with rake to work the cleaner into the spot. Wait for 5-10 minutes so soil will become loose and emulsified.
9. Use hot-water extraction cleaning– This method is seen as the most effective way to deep clean carpets. Clean carpets with this method two to three times a year but this will depend in how dirty the carpets get.
10. Include the building’s tenants in carpet maintenance– If the building’s tenants are involved in the maintenance of the carpet it will get them to be more mindful of the cleanliness in their own facility which will in turn help keep the rest of the building clean and healthy.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services & More in Sherman Oaks, Valley Village, Woodland Hills & Greater Los Angeles, California

Waiting till spring to clean your carpets isn’t smart. Doing so will make it harder to clean them because soil is left on the carpet all winter long. Carpet fibers can get damaged when soil is ground into them over time and winter also allows for faster drying times. But the best reason of all may be the health of the building’s occupants. We spend more time indoors during the winter months and carpets that are dirty hold more allergens and pollutants that can make employees sick. Contact Green Co Carpet Cleaning to schedule carpet cleaning today!

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