Best Ways to Clean & Remove Stains from Heavily Soiled Carpet in Studio City, CA

Carpets are extremely susceptible to stains, being a fairly porous material. From children to pets, and adults with a chronic case of being clumsy, the possibilities are endless. Food, beverages, pet accidents, grass, mud, wax, grease, oil, beauty products, crafting paraphernalia, and other such stains give you an idea. When it comes to treating these stains, many people have different approaches and tactics that can end up making the stain worse. In an effort to better dissolve the stains, we at Green Co Carpet Cleaning would like to share the common practices that should always be avoided.

Best Ways to Clean Carpets; Do’s and Don’ts of Carpet Cleaning & Stain Removal

Depending on the stain and type of carpet you have, dictates how it is effectively treated for stains. Addressing the stain immediately will not only let you know the origin, but also with swift action, the stain is easier to remove. Below you will find the do not’s and what to avoid while treated any kind of blemishes that manifest on your carpets.
1) Never use hot water to clean carpet stains. Much like laundry stain, treating the carpets with hot water will set the stain into the fibers. Where even hot elements, there is an exception when treating wax. When it comes to wax, placing paper on the stain, and a hot iron briefly on top of the iron, the wax will draw up from the carpet and absorb into the paper. In most other cases, it is safe to stay away from the carpets.
2) Carpet patch test should not be avoided. Always perform a patch test in an inconspicuous are, whether it is a product form the department store or a DIY concoction, or even if it is product you used multiple times in the past, the patch test should never be overlooked. Some chemicals, even natural agents, can cause the color of fabrics to lighten or harm the composition of the fibers.
3) Avoid scrubbing and rubbing at carpet stains. The natural impulse for most people to treat stains is with vigorous rubbing and scrubbing. Violently approaching the stains will only make the mess worse by spreading the stain out further and pushing the stain deeper. Always blot and pat the spots while treating them. In the event the fiber requires extra work, gently use your fingers to rub in the cleaner to dissolve types of stains.
4) Never allow carpet spills to linger. Some people allow stain causing agents to sit due to time restraints, and some don’t even realize there was an incident until later. But the longer the stain has the opportunity to fester, the more challenging it will become to remove. Once a spill has occurred, treat it promptly to avoid staining and difficulty later.
5) Do not treat the carpet stain from the center out. To better contain a stain from spreading, the best technique calls of the blotting and patting to be conducted on the outer perimeter and work your way towards the center.

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