Why is My Cat Peeing on the Carpet & How to Find the Accidents with a Blacklight? Pet Urine Stain & Odor Removal & Cleaning in Sherman Oaks, CA

When you have a cat in your home there are going to be times that they are going to have an accident. When it comes to cats they don’t always act accordingly and it may seem they have an accident not so much on accident. Cats are notorious for being a little bit snooty and doing their own thing. If you start to notice that you are smelling odors notorious with pet stains you need to do what you can to act quickly. You also need to know why the cat is choosing to use your carpet as their new litter box.

Green Co Carpet Cleaning Explains Why Your Cat Might Pee On Your Carpet & What You Need To Do About It

Why is My Cat Peeing On the Carpet: One of the most common reasons that a cat might start to use your carpet to go to the restroom is that the box is not being cleaned properly. It is extremely important to clean out the box and scoop it often as well as clean it out with fresh litter on occasion. They may also be boycotting the type of litter that you are purchasing and they may just not like it. It can be the smell or the texture that they are not happy about. It can be as simple as changing out the type or brand of litter. Another common problem is the placement of the actual litter box. If the box is in a bad position and too out in the open the cat may choose to find a corner in the house to use instead. Once you have determined why the cat is not using the litter box you are still left to clean the spots that already exist.
How to Find Cat Urine Stains on Carpet; Blacklight: The problem with any kind of pet stain is that it is hard to find where the pet has used the bathroom. They often find a spot that is on a corner or hidden and the sign you have a problem is often the odor that is left behind. The hidden urine stains need to be found before you can do anything about cleaning them. One way that you can find these stains is to use a black light. The light will show where the spots are so you can have them treated.
How to Clean a Cat Pet Stains & Odors: The problem is not always the actual staining of the urine but the smell. You can treat the stain with a standard cleaning solution to remove the look of the stain but you need to do more to reduce and eliminate the odor that is left. The urine is full of ammonia and that is where the odor comes from. You need to be able to neutralize that odor with a solution that usually will involve using baking soda. If you are concerned about removing the stain and odor it is best to call a professional carpet cleaning service.

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