Sleeping with Allergy Causing Dust Mites in Reseda, CA? You Need Professional Mattress Cleaning!

One item of home maintenance and cleaning that is often ignored is the mattress. It is estimated that we shed between 30,000 to 40,000 cells a day or about 12,000 while sleeping. These are embedded into the sheets and ultimately the mattress. This detritus builds up night after night. Sweat adds to the organic stew. Occasionally this cauldron of organic matter attracts night denizens. Some feed on the brew, others on us.

Wash Sheets, Blankets & Comforter Regularly

It is best that our mattresses receive professional attention. Wash your bedding, using hot water and dry on high heat. You want to kill these dust mites and other nasties that share our sleeping quarters. Not only multilegged and multicell organisms but bacteria and viruses are our nightly companions. In fact, viruses and bacteria probably constitute a major assault on our day to day health. Colds, flues, skin rashes and other potentially unhealthy entities help to promote the rotation of household plagues.

Air Borne Dust Mites & Dander

Of course, carpets and air ducts contribute to this by picking up airborne hitchhikers when ever we plop down into our beds, the AC then distributes this cocktail of microscopic beasties throughout the whole house.
Others are bed mites, kissing bugs and lice. The arthropods, a recent study showed that over 100 species of arthropods where found sharing their habit with us, in our homes, at night, in the dark. Even the scientists conducting the survey of 50 Raleigh, NC home were astonished at the number. It is probably reason we have conducted the traditional spring cleaning every year. We want to evict unwanted guests.

Need for Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

We are part of nature, it is our lot to share our homes with these detritus munching and blood sucking creatures. As scary as these tiny bugs maybe, it is the viruses and bacteria that present a major health issue, though some may be transmitted through some of these bugs, the bugs being a vector to disease dispersal. So, a professional deep clean is in order, perhaps annually, biannually or every three to five years, your preference. This will remove bacteria and viruses and will create a clean, antibug environment. Until we start shedding all those cells and hair. The DIYer is faced with the possibility of missing some, but could contribute to extending the professional cleaning periods.

How to Deep Clean a Mattress

• Start by stripping the bedding and sheets. Cook in the highest temperature available on your washing machine using top rated detergents. Avoid pods as there have been reports of chemical interactions with people.
• Vacuum the mattress thoroughly. Your vacuum will get about a gram’s worth of stuff. The dedicated mattress vacuum by Dyson will get out about three times the amount, but it will set you back $250.
• Stains, never seen a used mattress without stains. Spot clean these with an enzyme pet stain remover or a good upholstery cleaner.
• Smells, well Arm & Hammer to the rescue. Actually, any backing soda will do. Sprinkle liberally all over the mattress. Let it set to absorb odors then vacuum it up. About a 1 lbs. will do, and it will take 24 hours to do it, arrange other sleeping accommodations, perhaps go for a test run on that blowup camping mattress. Sunlight exposure speeds and aids the process.
• A mattress cover is recommended, as well as a pad. Pads absorb odors and fluids, and can be easily washer cleaned.

Mattress Cleaning & More in Sherman Oaks, Valley Village, Woodland Hills & Greater Los Angeles, California

However, it would be best to occasionally spring for a deep clean professional mattress job on a regular basis. The DIY approach may extend your time between professional cleaning but is no substitute. A clean mattress presents a healthy place to rest. Contact Green Co Carpet Cleaning for professional carpet cleaning and restoration services.

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